First Full Day of the New Diet

Well, yesterday was exhausting!  We went to every grocery store in town, spent about 5 hours shopping with some VERY challenging kids.  They were pretty good at store #1, but it went down hill after that.  By the time we were finishing up at the last store, I am quite surprised that we didn’t kill each other!  Although it was probably mostly my fault for not feeding them.  But, we only buy groceries every 2 weeks, and I didn’t want to miss any sale items:)  Normally, the boys aren’t with us and it is actually a pleasant day for me and Bill. Anyway, we spent a small fortune on veggies, but I should be good to go.  I now have food, that supposedly I can eat 🙂  We’ll have to see how it goes.  Today will be my first full day and so far, I have a headache.  But, I am not hungry.  I guess a few cups of Kale for breakfast will do that:)


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