Happy Flippin’ Wednesday

Mornin’ folks.  I am taking a few before I have to run off and get busy 😉  I finally quit a few of the freelancing gigs because I just had to much work.  I seem to have a little trouble saying no, when someone asks me to do something 😉  Oh well, I have 3 different gigs now that I am enjoying, so as long as it continues this way, I’ll keep writing.  These 3 are enough to make the amount of $ that B is looking for, so he is at least happy with that.  I think, It is hard to tell with him though. He doesn’t have much to say about me writing and I get the feeling he isn’t too thrilled with it.  Not sure if it is because he doesn’t see it as a job and I am just goofing off at the computer or maybe he thinks no one would ever read anything I write?  who knows, I know he doesn’t read my stuff.  Anyway

I did actually have a point, so I went down to only 3 jobs at a time, which is still technically 4, since one group has me doing 2 different things both articles, but one goes to Canada & the other Australia & they pay separately.  But I did get an invitation this morning and I am seriously thinking about it.  But I just don’t know if I have time to do it.  If I say yes, then they send me 3 articles they want written in 48 hours.  Normally, I would say no problem.  But now,  I have a draft due , 1 completed article, & I really need to polish up another article today and get another copy of it done and its Wednesday.  It isn’t an early release for the kiddos, but I do have a thing Wednesday mornings.  Oh and did I mention the prepping thing?

I wrote a piece over the summer and someone saw it, and now wants me to ghostwrite a how-to e-book on the subject.  hmmm, see I am actually thinking about it.  I would, ebooks are usually pretty quick- I’ll figure it out


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