Sew Buttons on Your Underwear

I have learned a lot over the last month or so. The biggest thing is that I say, ‘so’ entirely too much. My grandma tried to cure me of this, by relying, ‘buttons on your underwear’ every time I said, ‘so’.


Apparently, it didn’t work. But I think it makes a decent blog title and those are hard to come up with, especially after having had to think up usually 3 or 4 a day. Which brings me to the next thing.


So, I can’t seem to stop saying that. I have a really hard time explaining to people what it is that I do, exactly. Because if I answer by saying I write, people look at me funny. And usually say, ‘like what do you write?’ See, that is the tricky part, because I write lots of things and they vary from day to day and sometimes from hour to hour. I like that, because I tend to get bored easily. About 98% of what I write is for people who want to write, but either can’t or won’t. So, let’s take Aussie Guy for instance, he fancies himself a brilliant guy, and he sends out a newsletter every week to his customers. He runs some sort of media company in Australia and works with educators all over the state, if I understand correctly he pretty much has the contract for all the schools. He wants to provide his customers with interesting articles that they will read, that way, they remember him. It is a just a good marketing technique. Every week, I try and come up with a topic that I think would interest Australian teachers, I write and he passes it off as his own, usually.


Another thing I do is write for a career website. I write daily articles that basically explain what a job is, what the requirements are for it, how to get it, how much you can make and the future of that particular career field. It was discovered that people respond better to my advice, if they think I am a man. For some reason, if I tell people the reason they aren’t getting a job is because they are texting during the interview, and they should either turn off the phone or stop wasting the interviewers time- because if you are too busy with your phone, you apparently don’t really want the job, it comes across as bitchy, rude and just plain mean. But, if a man says those exact words, well, that’s just plain old good advice. So, I just continue to churn out advice articles, but I write as John and its all good. Matter of fact, page ranking is going up every week.


I have written content for a number of different kinds of websites. From gardening and prepper sites to breastfeeding and dating sites. I do editing and proofreading. But I really spend the most time, rewriting articles that other people have paid people in India or Pakistan to write, thinking they are getting a deal until they realize those articles jsut don’t make sense.  Then I get them.  I also spin articles, which is simply writing one article and then creating 2 or 3 versions of the same article using a language called spin-tax. This helps the company purchasing the article to post the article on different websites, without getting penalized by Google for having duplicate content. I am just took on a really big project of writing country descriptions for an online encyclopedia company. No it isn’t Wikipedia, I am required to actually research and make sure my facts are right:) And I will sign a contract tomorrow to write blog posts on some sort of camping thing.


I write eBooks for folks who think their Aunt Sandy’s Rhubarb pie recipe is going to make them famous. I even spent a week turning fly fishing phone interviews into articles and then into a book. I won’t do that again. I learned entirely much about fly fishing and transcription is a pain.


So that is what I do. It isn’t really anything special. I am pretty surprised I can actually make a decent income from it. I take the jobs I want and it seems like the thing that gets me the most jobs is simply that I speak English and I don’t over charge people. Really, some people ask for ridiculous, amounts of money for doing something that really won’t take them that long. I try to be fair. If is only going to take me 15 minutes, then just pay me for 15. I am not Hemingway and I know it.


So, there it is again, that is it in a nutshell, I think. I am very good a researching things, my time with the Info Army made sure of that, and if someone needs something written, I can probably do it, as long as I can understand what the subject is. I like some projects more than others and I am happy to let other people take credit for things. Although occasionally I do post a link to something I do on facebook, if it is especially funny or good. Which is not breaking any rules as long as I don’t point out – Hey I wrote this. It is pretty neat to look something up and see information you wrote, just sitting there for the whole world to see.


Now, as long as the boys will cooperate, and let me work when I need to, I think this will work out okay. I have been doing it full time since March.  


We’ll see.