Fall or Not Fall?

Fall or Not Fall- that is the question. (not just a personal one about my balance today either)

I love fall, as many people do. The pretty leaves, that crisp feel to the air. Let’s just hope there isn’t another heat wave. I am pretty tired of canning tomatoes lol.

On to other, even more unimportant matters (if you take a wider world view), the boys had parent teacher conferences and…..wait for it….

They are all well behaved, geniuses!

Unbelievable! Not the genius part, the behavior part. We had major issues last year. But it looks the combination of a 26 year veteran teacher and one more year to mature, has done wonders.

Way to go guys!

On the President side of things, I need to make a few hundred dog treats for an event this weekend. Sweet Potatoes – dogs love them and they make nice chewy treats that are actually healthy! Just slice about a ½ inch thick and dry in the over @ 160 degrees for a few hours. Easy. Except the peeling part.

Friday looks like it will be a horrible day! I have torture  physical therapy scheduled for the morning, then a nice hour long trip to KC. Should be fun. I always leave physical therapy feeling like crap on a stick and then to sit in a car so I can have full on vertigo for an hour- Priceless. I would really rather not go, and if we are totally honest it isn’t like anyone really spends any actual time with anyone. Everyone is off doing their own thing or just complaining or yelling. Negativity on top of nausea- sounds like a great time- can’t wait.

No one can just be happy for 30 seconds about anything, everything is poor me. You have a roof, everyone is alive, you have food, you have more stuff than you know what to do with and you can buy more stuff whenever you want.

Yet, constant negativity. I really have enough of my own crap that I am trying very hard to keep a positive attitude about and be happy about what I have, right this minute. Whatever, thinking about it won’t make it better- neither will bitching.

In other news, the  health blog is going so, so. Not much change in traffic, will keep plugging away. The facebook page is slowly- painfully slowly gaining a few new followers. I am learning lots.

The Grand inquisitor  ,Physical therapist says I am making great strides at adapting to situations, but even now at my steadiest, hills are an issue. A big one. So, the answer to that is a walking stick. Since I can’t seem to get the hang of a cane.

I am a poet too, lol

So, a specially made ‘walking’ stick- that has a convertible tip is the way to go. The tip converts to a blunt metal point for traction on ice.

Ice- I completely didn’t think of what I was going to during winter- stay home lol.

The inquisitor physical therapist actually thinks I will do better with this, since if I grab for support- it is usually shoulder high- whatever works.

Although, it hasn’t happened this week so far, having my hearing just shut off is pretty scary, especially if it happens on the way back from the bus stop, since it leads me to frantic turning of my head, trying to look around me, which makes the vertigo worse. I would feel better if I could take Sam or Kenya with but neither are well behaved enough out of the house. Although, Sam does seem to know when I can’t hear anything and they both stick very close by when the vertigo is really bad.

Okay, enough of the bitching, today is morning break! I am so glad! An hour with people who are just happy to be around – makes an astounding difference in my own attitude.

Besides, we are still on 2nd Kings, my favorite!  Later people!


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