>Gardening, Historical Issues & yet a few more Issues :)

>So, we met with the Roofer yesterday.  Everything is set up and ready for them to start.  Colors have been picked, shingles are ordered, all other misc materials ordered. They will be out about 8 am next Tuesday to get started.  Since we are the first big job they have, we get a big crew to work.  With such a big crew, the sofits and fascia should only take 2 days for the entire house.  As soon as that is done, weather permitting, they will start the roof tear off and rebuild.  With a crew of 20 guys, he thinks that they can bang out the roof in 3-4 days, remember its an entire rebuild.  When that is complete, the gutter guys can start.  That may take as long as a week, and because of that they are going to set up a temporay gutter system thingy, in case it rains while they are trying to restore the Yankee gutters.  I can finally see the light at the end of the endless remodeling tunnel.  So, here is the Before picture. Hopefully, next week, I’ll have a much nicer After picture.

Interesting bit of information.  The guy who we have been dealing with for the roofer, he’s the owner of the company, is also the nephew of the people who used to live next door, in the house that is being torn down.  He told Bill that he really should go over and salvage what he can from the house, he spoke to his Aunt, who now lives in Texas, and she said it was fine with her.  That’s nice and everything,but the city now owns the house.  So, I called the City.  They said no, at first. So then I called the historical society and told them the situation.  We need 3 windows, 2 window sills, and if we can get to them, we would like to snag 2 hardware pieces for one of our transome windows.  We would also like to see if they have any hardware left on any of the downstairs doors.  One of our doors doesn’t have the original hardware.  After a few hours, the city called me back and said we could go and get what we need, as long as it is done in a safe manner, the house is condeemed after all and we get everything out by June first.  I don’t think that will be a problem, seeing as how we need the stuff now. lol.  Since, the guy seemed in a generous mood, I asked about getting some of the brick, when they start knocking down the house.  He said that we can do that, after the basement has been filled in.  Outstanding!  That should give us plenty of brick to make the retaining wall in the back and a brick patio/bbq area.  Aden is still convinced that we should make him and Evan a brick playhouse.  He even drew up ‘plans’ so we will know how to build it.  We’ll see. It would be kinda cute though.  I should post the picture he drew its a bit unrealistic.  But, then this is the kid, who thinks we should build a rocket ship out of brick too.  I don’t think he really gets the whole concept of physics just yet:)
So, the Historical society will be out today, sometime to take yet more pictures.  They must have already taken several hundred.  I know that on the inital application, I sent 178 pictures. How many do these people really need 🙂  They are also going to be coming up through each stage of this roof thing, to take pictures of that.  So, that’s that.
Next up on the list, the garden.  Man, this is turning out to be pretty tricky.  Since the roof materials will be dropped off in the back yard, where we normally put in the vegetable garden, we have to make sure the guys have a clear path to get to the materials.  So we have moved the garden over to the west side of the yard.  This does not give us enough room.  If I want to have enough vegetablea to put up for winter, I need alot more space.  It takes 5 rows, 20 feet long,  of green & wax beans, to give us enough to eat all summer and have enough left over to freeze or can, to get us through the winter.  I have enough space to do that, but then I don’t have any room for anything else.  I eat a ton of spinach.  I am not kidding, we go through about 2 pounds a week of fresh spinach.  I also like lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cantalope and cucumbers. Not to mention the herb garden, which gets pretty big too, because what plants I don’t bring in for the winter, I like to dry or freeze. Plus, we use them almost daily once they start coming in. That take alot of room.  I don’t like it, but it looks like we will have to wait till the roofers are done, before I can put that stuff in.  Which means a longer wait till I can start eating 🙂 Oh well, it is for a good cause.

The next big issue is the boobs.  The big squishing is Friday morning, and I am starting to get pretty nervous.  Not so much for the squishing, I think I can handle that.  I am getting pretty nervous about the results.  I had someone ask me what I would do, if the results of the test were bad.  Ah, well, I am trying not to think about that.  But, she mentioned that I may want to, just in case.  But, I don’t want to.  But, now the idea is already planted in my head, and it won’t go away.  Its like a cheesy song that won’t go away lol.  Maybe I should watch the Wiggles for an hour or so, that way the only thing stuck in my head is that Big Red Car song lol.   Yeah, I like the Wiggles…What of it?
I also really enjoy Turbo Dogs and Jane and the Dragon.  I heard that they are coming out with a Smurf movie.  I frickin’ love the Smurfs!!!!!  Although, I always thought it was a bit strange that there was only 1 Smurfette and all of the others were boys….  It totally makes sense to me now.  No, wonder all the other smurfs, did whatever Smurfette wanted.  I’m not going to say it, but I think I know what was really going on!
I have noticed that alot with cartoons.  I never picked up on the adult humor in them when I was a kid, obviously.   But, now watching them again with my kids, alot of them are just really frickin’ funny.  But, I still think I am old enough to know what it is that the Road Runner is saying, they can stop bleeping it out 🙂
Alright, I guess I should get off here and get busy.  I am sure there is something I should be doing:)

>Reconstruction, Column Do-Over, Passover & losing my mind

>I really don’t even know where to begin.  Everything is just wonky.  Let’s start with the Porch.
I thought the guys did a good job, Bill however, was livid.  The south column, was cracked and not where he wanted it.  Not to worry though, I just spoke with the guy who did the job, and he will be here in about 1 1/2 hours to fix it. 
Moving on.
Went to the doctor yesterday and he pretty much threw his hands up and said, “I cannot fix this and I would be afraid to try.”  Nice.  So he is sending me to an OB/GYN surgeon who specializes in this sort of reconstruction.  I was a bit surprised when I learned who this specialist is.  It was my OB/GYN that delivered Aden and Evan.  Well, he didn’t actually deliver Evan, he was out of town that week, but anyway.  He is the doctor who, because I had so many issues, told me that if I got pregnant again, he wouldn’t see me.  I was to much of a liability risk.  No Shit Sherlock! There is a reason why Doctor’s are required to carry malpractice insurance.  I was amazed that I even got an appointment with him.  I really like him, and have tried several times in the last couple of years to get in to see him.  But, getting an appointment with him is like trying to get an audience with the pope.  Actually, it would probably be easier to get in to see the Pope 🙂
So, I go and see him Monday at the hospital.  Apparently, it is enough of an issue that he’ll see me.  Now, I like this doctor, the one I am seeing Monday.  But, I had alot of issues with Staph infections after the surgeries up in St. Joseph.  2 staph infections after Aden and 5, yes 5 different stains of staph after Evan.  That last one required an almost 3 week hospital stay. 1 of those infections was MRSA.  Now I know that the doctor himself doesn’t give you the staph infections, its the hospital.  And I really don’t want to go through that again.  So, I would rather not have to have the surgery in St. Joseph.  But, I don’t know if this doctor has surgery privileges at the hospital here in town.  I didn’t get a staph infection after this last surgery, so apparently its a cleaner hospital.
I know that I shouldn’t focus on it, but it just really sucks, and I can’t come up with a backup plan for this, should anything else go wrong. 
I won’t know until Monday, whats going to happen.
It could be a fairly easy fix and he can do it Monday with a few quick stitches.  Or, it may be that I have to be sliced open again so they can completely re-build the cuff.  That is supposed to require a hospital stay, but that is not going to happen, I will not stay. The biggest problem would be the recovery from yet another surgery.  having another surgery this quickly would not be a good thing.  I think I should stop worrying about it for now.  It is what it is and I am sure it will work out.
I got the mammogram scheduled for Friday morning.  I am not looking forward to being squished, but it will be good to even if its nothing to have a baseline before I turn 40. 
But I must say, I am getting really sick of being felt up lol. Well, being felt up by people who I don’t want to be feeling me up 🙂
Bill is pretty disappointed to!  I really feel for him.  We just got the go ahead to get friendly and now he’s cut off again.  Poor guy.
Friday night, we are heading up Bill’s mom’s for Passover dinner.  I think this year, to save myself the headache and the whining, I’ll feed the boys before we go. That way they don’t think they are going to starve to death, waiting on the actual food.  Dinner isn’t suppose to start until sunset, but she’s going to start about 6pm because otherwise the boys pass out at the table.  Usually they only make it till about 8:30 pm before they start nodding off.  Hopefully this year we can wind it up by 10pm.  No brisket this year 😦  But we do get the chicken liver which is all I care about 🙂  I think she is making chicken this year. 
I should probably get off here and go shut the dog in the boys room before the guys show up.  Sam was NOT a happy camper when they were here before and I was sure she was going to break the door down.  Mama of course didn’t care.  I’ll post the before and after pictures in a few days.  The historical society is coming up tomorrow with their architect to check out what they did and to drop of the paperwork for the roofer to fill out about the gingerbread and cornices. 
Ah, The Fun just never ends 🙂

>Home Again, Birthday, Drama, Contractors & More Drama

>Ah, home Finally!!!!!!  After what has seemed like the week from hell, the boys, Sam and I are finally back home.  Now, were to begin………….
Let’s go back a bit.
Okay, so Last Tuesday, I had my doctor’s appointment and then another company was supposed to come by and take a look at the porch columns.  I’ll go into the Doctor’s appointment later, because I’m going to classify that with the other drama.
So, Contractor shows up, on time, brownie points for that.  He and Bill walked and they talked, and the contractors said he’s get with the company’s engineer & get back to us.  He did.  Apparently, it can be fixed!!!!!!  And they will start Monday.  It should be done no later than Tuesday, including replacing the sidewalk they will have to rip up.  from what I understand, it will be very loud and very messy.  I don’t care as long as it gets done.  The roofers will be here Tuesday.  I am not sure how much they will get done this week because it is supposed to storm all week, but at least the porch will be done.
It will cost $5000.00.  Peachy.  I am supposed to be grateful it isn’t twice that, but I can’t help being a bit freaked out with the price tag. That is pretty much the entire budget for the Fence and the back bathroom.  We will probably still be able to do the fence, but probably not as soon.  The bathroom????  Who knows, but probably not this summer. 
So that’s that.
Next, Doctor’s appointment.
It sucked.  It just really fuckin sucked.  I can’t begin to express how much it sucked.  But, being the kind of person I am, I’ll give it a go. 
So, we’ll start small and work our way to the big stuff.  I seem to have pulled a muscle in my stomach while doing Zumba.  Not a really big deal, except when I cough.  Then I want to die.  With the allergies as bad as they are, I am coughing alot.  But, its not life threatening, which is a plus. 
During the getting felt up portion of the exam, the doctor found a,  and I’ll quote here, “little, small, bump like spot”??????  Huh?  
Now, I don’t tend to get freaked out about much.  But when a Doctor starts repeating himself and asking stupid questions, I get concerned.  I am really not all that worried about it.  I’ll just go get the mammogram and be done with it.  But I am not looking forward to it.  I was supposed to go last Friday, but because of other drama, I wasn’t able to. I am pretty sure its just scar tissue  or something like that, since I do have a talent for scar tissue and the only risk factor I have for breast cancer is that I have breasts.  I’m not really worried.  I’ll just keep on saying that 🙂
And just because its my birthday week, there just had to be yet more crap.  Within a few hours of learning that for my birthday I had to go get the squish the boobies test, we learn that I will need to pack up and go stay in Kansas city for the remainder of my in-laws vacation.  That was a pain in my ass.  I had a considerable amount of things to do at my home.  Anyway, it was alot of Drama.  Don’t really care for drama.  Eventually, I will go into why I had to, but I was asked, in order to protect the guilty, to not say anything about it.  Okay, I’ll try.  Please take bets amongst yourselves, as to how long I will remain silent. 
Oh wait!  I forgot to mention that I will need to go back to the doctor because it appears that some of my permanent stitches have come undone and I may need yet another surgery to repair what has come apart.  Maybe, I’ll find that out Tuesday. Again, Maybe I’ll find out.  He may have to send me to a specialist.  Lovely.  Just F’ing lovely.
Apparently this is not a good thing   For the record, I didn’t do anything to cause this.  He was that last person anywhere near it!!!!  Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeee!

I think that about covers it.  Nope, but wait there is more………..
We get home yesterday, and Aden pukes the second we walk in the door.  And has continued to puke every few hours since then.  He was apparently not sick enough to prevent him from running through the house like a maniac chasing his brother, but just sick enough to make a bit more work and see if he can play this off so I will wait on him. Well, it works.  I think it may be that his digestive system is all wonked up, from his vacation.  I hear that it was the best vacation a 5 year old could possibly have outside of Disneyland 🙂

Mama Cat was not pleased to see Sam.  Sam got a little bloody.  They seem to have worked it out though.  As long as Sam stays away from Mama, and stops trying to sniff her butt, things should be fine.

I was amazed at how clean the house was when we got home.  That lasted about 3 minutes.  And there was toilet paper on the dispenser!!!  it was almost out we we left.  I think Bill may have actually changed it himself!  Or maybe he had someone else come over and do it, I didn’t ask. 
The boys and I have a few little things to do outside today to make sure we are ready for the guys to come tomorrow.  I am not sure what I am going to do with my wind chimes.  I will probably just put them on the pear tree out back.  I don’t think the tree will look too stupid with 8 wind chimes on it 🙂 

It finally looks like we are going to get the outside finished!!!!  I can’t wait.  The historical society has requested pictures of ever stage of the of the process which, will be a bit of a pain, but not too bad.  It’s for a good cause 🙂

Bill want to start taking my e-cig to work with him.  I think I’ll be okay without it after today.  I think I just need a day or so to calm down a bit.  But, it did end up working pretty good for me.  I am now down to using the 11mg cartridges and I don’t use it that much.  I mostly just carry it around like a pacifier 🙂

The weather is at least beautiful, if I ignore the the pollen.  The claritin is at least working pretty good now.  Now if I can only convince Evan to stop trying to pick up mama, we should be okay.  Although, he would only have to do it once and I bet she’ll convince him it wasn’t a smart move 🙂  She is at least alot more gentle with the boys.

Zumba is calling….I’d better go answer 🙂