Pleasant Surprises

Yesterday was full of pleasant surprises.  We had our first meeting with Sam’s new dog trainer.  When I initially spoke to her, I was a little put off because she sounded so young!  Not to be an age snob, but I was wondering how much experience could she have?  Will she even know how to deal with Sam’s more delicate issues?  Well, when she showed up, she was indeed pretty young, but then I am starting to get to an age where I think everyone under 37 is young:) This is where the first surprise of the day happened.  

When she came in the house, Sam actually growled.  Not her normal, I don’t like this person growl. But more of an, oh no, I think this person means business, sort of growl.  lol perfect!  This is a reaction I can live with.  Sam eventually settled down and we started talking.  The first thing that impressed me was how calm she was.  Not a shy quiet sort of calm, but a confident, poised, all together calm.  It was very reassuring, because to be quite honest, I was feeling pretty much like an idiot because I can’t figure out how to make Sam do what I want her to do.  She was full of suggestions on how I can start to deal with Sam’s separation anxiety now.  

But, I think the thing that I was most impressed with, was she said that the behaviors can be changed, but it will take time, consistency and it won’t be easy.  Good, at least now I am more than convinced she isn’t just someone looking to take advantage.  Next, we went out to take Sam for a little walk.  She showed me how to teach her not to pull when we walk.  One little step at a time.  But what she showed me really works.  It will take a while, but hey I have time.  I did feel like an idiot though, because it was really simple and I probably should have figured it out on my own.  But, I didn’t so I get the stupid people award for the day:) So, she is hired and we will probably start Tuesday. So that is that on Ms. Sam.  

Moving Right along.  Bill comes home for good (hopefully) Friday!  Yay!  The weather looks like it will cooperate, so maybe we can have a productive weekend and the outside of house will be finished before winter sets in.  

No, that wasn’t one of the surprises 🙂 The next surprise I discovered in my inbox.  It seems that an article I submitted a few weeks ago, then promptly forgot about, was accepted.  Yeah Money!  There was also an offer to submit another.  I also had another email inquiring about a teaching gig online.  Hmmmm, I’ll have to check that one out.  I have quite a lot on my plate as it is, but if I could find something that pays as well as me actually leaving the house to work, I think that is what I would rather do.  It would be tons more simple to be here, than to have to juggle schedules and transportation.  So, I will see where that goes.    

I still have not scheduled the X-ray.   I know very bad, but I must have another adult with me to watch the boys.  And I still don’t know for sure what time Bill will be home Friday.  So that still sits on my To Do list.

 It is Rosh Hashanah!  So Happy Jewish New Year!  But, technically not till sundown.

 L’shana Tova / Ketivah vi-chatima Tova.” This means: “For a good year / You should be written and sealed in the good (Book of Life).”  

That’s all for now Folks:)











>Holiday Hell

>The Holidays.  That wonderful time of year where Families get together and share in the joy of the season.  Stores play delightful Holiday music to get everyone in the mood to buy more crap. 

I must admit I do like the holidays- usually.  Mostly I like the food. Pumpkin Pie, vegetable stuffing, ham, Brisket with tons of gravy…oh and latkas. Oh how I love latkas with sour cream and chives, and my mother-in-law’s brisket.  But not this year.

This year I can’t eat any of the stuff I want- well at least on Thanksgiving- Hanukkah & Christmas are yet to be determined.  I guess I’ll find out on the 29th.

So yesterday I spent 2 1/2 hours wrapping presents because I don’t know if I’ll be able to wrap anything after the 29th- because I don’t know what exactly the doctor will.  This brings me to the conclusion that I am in fact a control freak. (So everyone else is right, I should stop denying it.) I need to have a plan, I must know what to expect so that I can plan.  I am very big on having a plan of action.  I can’t plan, I don’t know what is going to happen so I can’t plan.  It is driving me crazy.  I hate not knowing what is going on.  Should I plan on making latkas the first night of Hanukkah?  (which is the 1st of December)  or will I still be in the hospital.  For that matter will I miss Hanukkah with Bill’s family on Friday?   What about Christmas?  I always do Christmas (what with not being Jewish and all- it just makes sense- Bill’s family isn’t going to do it).  Will I be able to?  Will I be a raging, hormonal, menopausal mess?  Or maybe I will be fine?  How am I going to take care of the boys next week?  Even if he doesn’t do the big surgery and just looks around a bit, I will still have stitches and be out of it for a couple of days, that’s extremely dangerous around my boys.  I can’t sit down around when the are awake.  Ah so you wonder if I say that, how am I writing this??? simple- they are eating- that always keeps them in one place for about 10-15 minutes. 

But on the bright side- I should get a good nap on the 29th.  I just hope I don’t start blabbing away at the doctor again.

When he did the scope, apparently when I was waking up I told him that even though he was an asshole I loved him anyway.  He is an asshole, but like Dr. House- he is a great doctor.  Not so good looking, not so cool, but funny in an asshole sort of way. 🙂 

I am babbling but, isn’t that what the Internet is for? 

I am disappointed that I won’t get to see my uncle for at least one holiday.  I would also really like to see my brother and meet his family, but since the price of plane tickets seems to be going up not down I don’t think that will be possible for some time.  It would be really nice.  My brother, it seems has grow up to be a really cool guy, who married a really cool lady and together they made really cool, very cute kids!.

Someday, I am sure. 

Well, I am off to do laundry, cleaning, chasing the boys,  get to the library, mail out various holiday cards, get everything organized just in case I am out of commission for 8 weeks.  I hate not knowing almost as much as I hate surgery, I know…. control freak.  Could be worse 🙂