I want a Pony



Nice, more tomatoes.  And this isn’t even all of them.  this is just a small portion of what I pulled out and washed.

The picture below is batch 3 of the salsa.  Maybe about a med-hot.







The pic below was of the beautiful sunset last night at the game.



now that we are done with that.  I am flippin hot!  Hottest day of the year and I am canning.  Not a good combo when dizzy.  But, 1 batch of pickles and peppers and then my experiment with pickled cauliflower and green beans.

Yes, I know that sounds strange, but I had a bunch of the pickling mix made up and didn’t want to waste it  and the resulted in me just pickling whatever was handy.

We will see how it turns out.

Meanwhile, I have a new porch- almost.  Mr. B has been outside all day, ripping up boards and putting in new ones.   So, that is almost done- I really can’t wait!

He also informed me that everything is flowering- Everything.  I guess I will need more jars- among other things.  I used almost 3 gallons of vinegar today.

Last nights’ little trip to the game taught me a few things.

A-Excited children make terrible balance aids

B- I need to either get a balance, train one of mine or use the damn cane consistently.

C- I am much better without shoes on.

I chose not to take the cane yesterday, because I was feeling pretty good yesterday, not so wobbly and instead of full on vertigo it is just more of everything seems to be moving just a bit faster than I am- a lag time sort of deal.

That is until I went to physical therapy, where I am learning to fake having my shit together ( which I do rather well any).  So we did our little balance training exercises until I felt like complete crap- good times, we are going to go for two days next week!

Going up and down the normal size bleachers (which seemed like Everest to me) was not fun.  Next week I believe that the boys can go enjoy the game and I will stay home and do something less challenging (like watch the game on the computer)

The doctors ( we have added a few new ones to my otherwise obnoxious number of medical advisors)  all again with me having Menier’s and along with my other issues may result in my being at least somewhat dizzy all the time- outside of a Menier’s episodic attack.

If I bleach my hair I can be a dizzy blond- har har

Aside from the dizzy, which can be amusing.  The hearing in my right ear just goes on and off- like someone is flipping a switch.  That could also be convenient occasionally.  But it does mean that if I were to go the service dog route I would need a hearing/balance dog.  When I mentioned that Great Danes are the most recommended for balance dogs, he said- why not just get a pony.

Which is a very good point.  Why can’t I get a pony?  They can be trained.  They do have very good hearing and my floors are already messed up because of the dogs, I don’t see hooves doing any more damage.  Plus, think of the fertilizer people!!!! FREE  and organic.

Just think of the possibilities!



>A Beautiful Weekend!

>Yesterday was so awesome!  We finally made a decision on the colors for outside the house.  It is final!  No one is allowed to change their minds, under penalty of slow and painful death 🙂
We got alot of stuff planted.  The rest of the green beans, Mesclun, Mustard, Spinach Mustard, Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers, California Bells, Sweet Peas, Basil and cilantro.  As of this morning the Rosemary plant I bought is still alive. I’ll keep an eye on it, but I also think I should probably stay away from it.  I don’t want to kill it:)
So of course, we plant and now they are calling for frost tonight and tomorrow night.  Nice, now I will have to go outside and cover everything.  Luckily, I saved all the plastic we had covering the windows for the winter.  I should have plenty.  We have to cover the windows with plastic in winter, because the windows, being 122 years old, leak like sieves. We do everything we can to try and keep the gas bill down.  I imagine that once the roof is done and Bill can get more insulation up in the attic, that will make a significant difference, not only will heating, but with the electric bill in the summer.  Its really only the upstairs that gets unbearably hot in summer.  The downstairs stays pretty cool because of all the brick. But since we are using window a/c units, the electric bill can get pretty high in the late summer. 
We thought about getting central a/c when we had the new furnace put in, but the costs of installing it was just ridiculous.  I really don’t think we need it.  Surely, we can suck it up for 6 weeks:)
We’ve done okay so far.
The boys got to ride their bikes yesterday, and they did really well.  No one broke anything.  So, I promised them that if the keep practicing we will be able to go to the park and they can ride their bikes there. I think that may end up taking a while, since they seem to prefer me pushing the bike to them actually pedaling.  Today, because we played in the dirt most of the day, I will get to spend the day cleaning up all the dirt.  At least this time, its not a bunch of mud.  That clay is hard to clean up.  I should at least have a good amount of help this time.  The point system is working out pretty well with the boys.  Unfortunately for them, yesterday they lost points almost as quickly as they earned them, but at least they aren’t in the negative.  They did alot of fighting yesterday, so every time they earned a point for helping, they would get into an argument, and I would end up taking the point away.  Why can’t we all just get along !  But, their room is still clean.  Aden used his first and only 10 points so he could play a game and he only has 4 points now.  Evan used his 10 to get back the big Buzz Lightyear.  He has 4 points now.  He wants to get back the Lego’s and since I decided that 10 points only gets him 4 Lego’s it may be awhile before I have to worry about stepping on them.  I really dislike legos. Aden seems more interested in earning TV and game time than getting his toys back.  Fine with me 10 points = 30 minutes of either, but only one.  I am so mean!!!
Alrighty then I need to go get busy, the cleaning fairies seem to have taken the weekend off, again.  I think I will freak the neighbors out and blast some music.  Since I am in love with song I think I’ll just play this over and over.

I really love this guy, I have no idea what he’s saying, I think caliente is ‘hot’?? 
Of course I had to play it before I posted the link, so Aden is busting out his zumba moves!  He’s not too bad 🙂
I really do need to find more music to zumba too, but really don’t know any really good salsa music or reggaeton, its proving a bit of a challenge.  Why is this music so appealing to me??  its a long way off of my usual.  The Eagles it is not lol. It also bugs me that I have no idea what they are saying 90 % of the time, oh well, Music knows no barriers:)
So, I am off to blast the music and we can clean our butts of to some music that we don’t understand, but yet are quickly becoming addicted to.  Bill thinks that I may be missing Florida, subconsciously.   I don’t think so really, but it would certainly be easier to find out what music I might like 🙂
Only 2 days, till the roofers start!!

<a href=”http://www.hypersmash.com%22%3ehyper/ Smash</a>

>So Excited!!!

>I am so excited about the roofers finally getting started!!!  Bill and I are acting like kids, on Christmas Eve!.  Got the mammogram this morning.  It wasn’t that bad, a bit squishy, but pretty quick and painless.  I should get the results within 7-10 business days.  I am not worried, not one little bit:)
So, this weekend should be pretty fun.  The weather is gorgeous and it won’t be hot, which I like.  I can’t find my big floppy sun hat though.  I may have to get another one, I have alot of gardening to do:).
The Irises have decided to go on ahead and start to bloom.  Nice.  I was hoping that they would hold off until the roof was done, so I could actually enjoy them. They way they are looking this morning, they could open up within a few days.  For some reason, it seems a bit early for that.  Bill is hoping that he can get the rest of the beans planted today. That is after he runs a new vent pipe from the kitchen up through the closet and then out the attic.  Thinking about that, I imagine that will take a while.  Whatever, the boys and I will be enjoying the sunshine.  I have pulled out all of my big planters and I should be able to do the herbs exclusively in planters.  We just need to get to Wal-Mart to get some soil.  And groceries, because the boys have ate all the food.  We decided we will go in the morning about 6 am.  There shouldn’t be anyone there and hopefully they won’t be wiped out of the stuff I need to get. 
We have been trying for the last couple of years to move some Star Jasmine, to get it closer to the house.  We just love it and it smells amazing!  So, of course, because the roofers are going to trample everything, we have a nice patch that decided to come up next to the stairs.  Maybe it will be close enough they won’t step on it, and I can trellis it when they are done.  I’d like to eventually get that and the morning glories trellised on both sides of the porch and between the bay windows.  We’ll see how that goes.
Bill got to go on a Home Depot shopping spree this morning.  He really needed some drywall shims and a framing nailer.  He got them and several other things, because he can’t just get one or two things.  I almost wish Home Depot didn’t have an online store.  We would probably not spend so much.  But, we had a coupon!  Well, not exactly a coupon but a $100.00 Gift card, so that came in really handy.  Instead of the bill being $170.00 it was only $70.00 with free shipping. Gotta love free Shipping.
So, today will be a day of making sure the guys have a clear path around the house and that nothing is in their way, and getting the garden in.
I wish they were starting, yesterday:).  So far the weather forecast is staying clear for next week, I hope it stays that way!
I think we should grill tonight and tomorrow. I have less to clean up that way, besides the boys love BBQ chicken. Maybe I should make some potato salad…hmmm, I don’t know.
I did happen to catch part of the Royal Wedding, while I was waiting to get squished.  It was lovely.  But then I imagine, if I had that kind of money and my grandmother was queen, I’d have a really nice wedding too:). I really did like her dress. I am just glad its over and the news can go back to reporting things that actually affect most of us.  Like, the economy, the war, natural disasters, you know, the normal everyday crap.
I think that is about all I have for now, I need to go and change so I can play in the dirt:)

>It’s A Beautiful Day in OZ

>Oh what a beautiful day!  Its raining, outstanding!  It is supposed to rain and storm most of the day.  Which means I’ll spend most of the day trying to keep the boys from bringing down the house around my ears.  I can’t wait till we get the fence 🙂
Not to worry, I have paints!  With enough paint and paper, I should be able to keep them occupied for at least 10 minutes.  I just hope that this time, they don’t paint the dog, or the cat.
Sam didn’t mind so much, but Mama, got pretty irritated.
My surgeon should be back in town today, so hopefully, I can get in touch with him before I go to the other guy about the stitch thing.  I really don’t want to go. 
What I want to do is go on vacation!  The roofers are supposed to be here tomorrow!  I hope they can get started this week.  Bill informed me that he wants to go ahead and have a garage sale really soon.  Okay, that would be nice, except, every time we have one, he ends up working and I have to do everything myself.  That sucks.  He suggested the first weekend in May.  I wonder if he realizes that is next Saturday.  Yeah, that isn’t going to happen.  I need more than a weeks notice.  Besides, if the roofers are working on the roof, how exactly am I going to have a yard sale in my front yard???  He’ll just have to wait.  I can probably get someone to come over and sit with the boys while I have it.  I’ll have to, there is no way I can chase them and do the yard sale.
I say we wait till the roof is done, and the house looks all pretty.  Just a thought.
There is a house next door, that the city took over and is going to knock down sometime this summer.  Its almost exactly like ours.  We need to go and loot it lol.  We still have the original windows and need 3 replacements. And some door hardware and a window sill.  Think the city would mind???  I doubt they would.  The only problem would be that the house next door is condemned and the second floor has collapsed.  May be a bit tricky to get the stuff lol.
I have decided that from now on, when I clean the house, I am going to take pictures and put them on the fridge.  That way people can see that I do actually clean the house.  It only stays clean about 10 minutes.  Well, yesterday I think it was about 15 minutes before the boys discovered I had cleaned the downstairs and decided they needed to ‘fix’ it.  Oh well, at least the mud is gone.

I am still unsure what to do with my herbs this year.  Where I normally have my herb garden is right were the fence is going to go.  I do have a very old radio flyer red wagon, one of the old metal ones, that is all rusted and the handle is busted.  I may just have Bill drill a couple of holes in it and line it, then I can plant some of the herbs in there.  Very convenient for moving around the yard, to keep out of the roofer’s way.  Everything else will have to go into containers.  Although, the metal is pretty rusted, I may be able to poke holes in it with a screwdriver:).  Yep, its decided.  That is what I will do.
I wanted to put in planters that hang over the porch railing, maybe I can do that after everything is painted.  I have these brass rectangular planters that I was going to use, so I can bring some of the herbs in the house for the winter. 

Just spoke with my surgeon.  He said not to worry. It would have been one of the stitches that was supposed to dissolve.  Good!!!!!!  I didn’t want to be poked today anyway.  He said he’ll see me Friday if I am still concerned.

Okay, the laundry is calling me, oh the fun just never ends 🙂

>Idiot of the Week

I am pretty sure I am delusional.  I always had this dumb idea that as I got older, I was getting smarter.  That is apparently not the case.  I have had allergies since I was very little.  Not just a little sniffle here and there, but severe, choking on my own snot, can’t breath, sort of allergies.  I suppose it would be good for me to avoid those things that trigger my allergies.  The only problem with this course of action is that I am allergic to EVERYTHING.  Maybe not rocks, if they don’t have dirt on them, but pretty much everything else.  All animals, cats. dogs, rabbits, ferrets, cows horses, not sure about pigs.  Anything with feathers.  Anything that grows, trees, flowers, grass, small children.  Anything and everything.  You would think, that since I have had this little issue since I was little, that I would be expecting my allergies to get really bad in the spring.  The trees starting to bloom, should have been a big clue.
But no, not me.  Why?  because I am an idiot.  Who doesn’t pay attention.  When Aden started getting snotty, I thought , ‘well, I have the neti pot, I’ll just make sure to use that twice everyday, and with that and the benedryl, I’ll be fine.
But when around 12pm yesterday, when I suddenly couldn’t breath or stop sneezing, for some strange reason, I was very surprised.
I tried the neti pot.  To late.  Already so stopped up, it won’t work.  So I started popping benedryl like they are tic tacs.  Nope that isn’t working either.  Tea? Lemon juice?  Hot lemon juice with Honey?  Crown Royal, in tea with lemon & honey?   Well, the teas did work, i didn’t try the crown and tea, which I know works very well.  I also understand why it works.  If you drink enough, you just don’t care that snot is running out of your nose like water out of a garden hose.  Which it is. 
Evan, is also very snotty, but I am quite convinced that he is alot tougher than I am or his isn’t as bad as mine.  Bill will tell you that he doesn’t have any allergies.  That is complete BullShit.  He doesn’t have them very bad.  Just a day or so of occasional sniffling, when the elm tree out back blooms.  
So, Evan passed out about 6:30 last night, shortly after the benedryl kicked in, I didn’t hear from him until about 12 am.  Thats when I noticed that Bill wasn’t even home yet.  He left for work at 7 am and didn’t get home till 1 am. This schedule still sucks.  But at least he is off today and tomorrow.  The bad thing is I do not want to go outside with the evil pollen monsters.
Evan does.  I just need to get to the store and find something that will work.  Claritin? Zyrtec?  Who knows, maybe I’ll get them all and just start trying them all until I find a good cocktail that will banish the snot.  My Head feels like it going to explode, I really hope it doesn’t. Well I do and I don’t.  I do, because then my head wouldn’t throb, I don’t because if it did, no one but me would clean it up.
I will probably go with Claritin, since I have taken that before.  Why am I not taking it now??  Because I am a dumbass.  If I had started taking it on Aden’s birthday, I probably wouldn’t wouldn’t be suffering right now, but like I said, I can be a real idiot.
I want to have a good weekend, since Bill is home.  I want to enjoy these two days and play outside, maybe grill something, enjoy the evening since I know Evan isn’t like Aden and will be in bed and completely asleep by 7:30.  I really should go and get Bill up.  He doesn’t like sleeping more than 6-7 hours.  And I am hoping that if we can get the grocery shopping done we can be back before the next contractor calls to come by today.  I still can’t find a brick mason, they just aren’t in the phone book.  If they are they certainly aren’t listed under Mason.  The only thing under Mason is Masonic Lodge.  Maybe I should call them.  Surely they would know a guy.
Whatever, I will live.  My allergies were this bad the first spring after we moved up here.  I ended up taking Claritin an Nasonex, with a benedryl chaser at night.  That worked pretty well except that I had all of the listed side effects with the Nasonex.  I am fairly certain that bee wanted me dead.

Well, we went with Claritin for Evan and Claritin D for me.  After about 6 hours it seemed as if it was working for both of us.  Evan was feeling pretty good so after the trip the grocery store, Evan and Bill went outside to work in the yard.  I stayed inside, there was less pollen, not much less, but a little bit. 
Bill wants to put in a retaining wall in the back yard.  there is a pretty sizable hill and after looking at his plans, I agree it will be nice.  That will give me a little courtyard sort of area, Bill will get his BBQ area with seating and the boys and dog will get the rest of the yard to run rampant in.
Its been raining on and off, so the back yard is pretty swampy.  Evan loves to dig so thats what he and bill did.  They dug, big huge areas of mud now take up most of where I like to sit in the back yard.  Bill did discover that someone else must have had the same idea about the retaining wall.  While digging he found a good portion of a brick wall.  Didn’t find the rest of the wall, but about a 3 x 2 section, intact.  It has been added to the brick pile. 
Bill also broke up a good section of my concrete sidewalk in the back.  He says he will replace it with brick.  He better.
Evan was so covered in mud.  He probably had mud a few inches thick all over him.  I had to make him take everything off, before he came in the house.  Now I have completely confused him.  I tell him all the time, that we don’t go outside naked.  Then I go and have him take his clothes off before coming in the house.  At least most of our neighbors have young kids, they will understand I am sure.
While I washed the mud off, Bill grilled chicken.  It was nice.  Evan passed out about 6:30….sweet!!!!  So we watched a movie.  It was 21 with Kevin Spacey, the one about the kids from M.I.T. that count cards and wins loads of money in Vegas.  I guess it was a good movie, it would probably have been better if I understood what the hell it was they were doing.  But then, my math skills are not all that great.  Bill liked it alot.  But, he really likes math.
Today, the boys will head out to the hardware store to get pipes so Bill can start on the back bathroom, a bicycle pump, and misc other things that guys just have to get whenever they go to the hardware store. 
I will go to a few garage sales, the library & post office.  Aden, Nana & Papa all made it to the lake without incident.  Papa did get a little lost, 50 miles worth of lost, but they did eventually make it and Aden didn’t get car sick.  They did have to stop every 40 minutes or so because Aden had to pee.  I wonder if it had anything to do with them giving him his own bottles of water to drink while they were driving???  Nah.  I am sure that him drinking 4 bottles of water had nothing to do with it:)