>Growth Spurts Sucks, The Royal Wedding, Grocery Budget & Mud Galore

>For the last couple of weeks, Aden & Evan, have pretty much done nothing but, eat, sleep & whine about being hungry.
Evan is the worst.  I think our grocery bill has just doubled, if not tripled.  This morning alone, Evan has had; 1 big bowl of Raisin bran, 1 banana, 1/2 can of mandarin Oranges and now he is eating peanut butter.  Shit, they’ve only been up 2 hours.  I went to get him dressed for school Tuesday, and his jeans that fit on Saturday, were too small!!!!!!!!  We just got him a new pair of shoes about 4 weeks ago, they are too small now too.  And this isn’t one of those, he needs a 1/2 size bigger, which was in the past how it went.  He went from a size 8 to a size 9 1/2.  I am glad I had set some in that size aside for Aden who is still in a size 9.
And the shirts!!!!!  Omg, none of his shirts fit.  Even Aden’s shirts are tight on him.  At this rate, we’ll go broke this summer just keeping Evan in food & clothes.  Okay so its really not that bad, but still.  Does the putting a brick on their heads thing work??  I have some bricks laying around, maybe I should give that a try and see. 
Bill expects me to keep us on our budget.  How exactly am I supposed to do that??? We just got groceries, now we are going to have to go again, this weekend.  So much for shopping every two weeks.  They just ate two weeks worth of food in 4 days. AHHHHHHHHH
Okay, enough of that, moving right along.
The Royal Wedding.
Okay so, I must admit that I was sucked it.  But now, its starting to get a bit old.  I am happy for the royal couple, but I don’t really care who they invited or what the seating chart is.  Really, I could care less, it doesn’t affect me.  I am going to a wedding this summer, which I am pretty sure will be alot more fun.  That is the wedding I want to hear all about.  Seating, food, who’s invited, who’s wearing What…These are details that concern me and I can’t hear enough about it.
It may also be that I don’t know the royal couple.  But, obviously, I know the people who invited me to their wedding this summer. And this will be my first dress up shindig, since Aden was born.  And, this is my favorite part….Children ARE NOT Allowed, at the wedding!!!  Brilliant!!  Its like they read my mind and are doing this all for me:)  Isn’t that sweet of them!
This couple is awesome and I know them and have no doubts that they will have a brilliant and completely wonderful life together.  Because they compliment each other!  I don’t know the royal couple, so I have no ideas on whether or not their marriage will last, besides, it doesn’t affect me. So the only wedding, I care about is the one I get to go to.  Oh and I will go.  If the sitter backs out, Bill can stay with the boys. I am still going.  I need a dress, and shoes, maybe earrings.  Oh my God! what will I do with my hair!  Now this is excitement!
I am sure you will hear more about the wedding from me at a later date.  I need to move on, tons to say and not much time to do it.
So, since I am freaking all out about what to plant where, the boys and I went outside yesterday to see what containers I have that will work.  They were supposed to help me.  That went about how you think it did.  I worked, they threw mud at each other, and at me.  Once they had relocated most of the mud, we came in.  Mistake.  Big Mistake.
I should have stripped them down in the yard and hosed them off, even though it was a little chilly for that.  So stupid me, brings them inside, while they are covered, and I mean covered head to toe, in mud, into the house.  Evan immediately starts running around in circles, while I try to pry Aden’s shoes off of him.  They were a bit wet, so it was a pain.  So now I have mud all over the rug, the couch, everywhere.  I finally get the shoes off and tell Aden to get undressed and into the bathroom.  I had to chase Evan, he thought it was a brilliant game.  Meanwhile, Aden decides to imitate Sam and do a spectacular shake that managed to get mud on the walls and ceiling.  Sam decided it looked fun, so she did it too.  More mud on the walls.  I still hadn’t caught Evan, who is now rolling under the coffee table to avoid me.  I felt like one of the people who try and catch greased pigs at fairs.  I was not having much success.  Eventually, Mama cat decided to help, by getting her fat ass off the couch and standing in the doorway, hissing at everyone.  When Mama talks, everyone listens.  That stunned everyone long enough I was able to catch Evan.  I didn’t bother trying to take his clothes off, I just carried him up to the bathroom.  Aden, decided to be generous and actually follow. Sam tried too, but Mama was blocking the doorway and wouldn’t let her pass.  I had to give Mama a stern talking to. lol.  She eventually moved over a bit, and started licking her butt, so Sam could get passed.  I finally got everyone, including Sam in the bathroom.  After shutting the door, to hopefully prevent anyone escaping, I put them all in the tub, Evan with his clothes still on.  They would have to be washed anyway.  I considered it a pre-rinse:)  After, washing, rinsing and repeating a few times, I finally got them clean.  But now my house is trashed.  After threatening them with a slow and painful death, if they left their bedroom before I was done cleaning, I proceeded to clean my way downstairs.  Dinner was delayed by 2 hours, its hard for me to clean the 14 foot ceiling, even when standing on the ladder. 
They actually must have taken me seriously, because they did stay in their room, till I called them.  They hadn’t had a good day anyway.  For 3 days I asked very nicely for them to clean up their room and put the toys where they belong.  They were told that if they didn’t, I would clean their room and they would loose all of their toys.  They didn’t clean it, so I took 2 big black trash bags with me, and I cleaned it.  I left them 1 stuffed animal each, 1 toy truck and one small buzz lightyear.  That was it.  I didn’t throw their toys away.  I did tell them that they can earn the toys back, if they behave & do their chores.  So, I made up a point system. At 10 points they can pick one toy to get back.  They get a point for doing their chores or doing what I tell them to.  If they whine, talk back, fight or otherwise irritate me, they lose a point.  They so far have 1 point each, but their room is spotless  and I haven’t stepped on any legos:)
I think that just about covers it.  I’m off to wash the mud crusted clothes:)

>The Money Pit

>Between Bill & Evan, my yard is now one big mud puddle.  Sam helped a bit too.  Bill has been digging out so he can put in a retaining wall in the back and then put in some brick pavers.  I am sure it will be nice.  However, now the yard is one huge mud puddle.  Evan and Sam are very happy with it.  I am not so happy.  I have no problem with mud puddles.  I like them.  I do prefer, however, that mud stay outside.  This is not happening.  I imagine that I will live, but I am still not happy about the mud being dragged into my house.
No Call, No Show, for the 2 contractors who were supposed to come by this weekend about the porch columns.  Figures.  I have found a few more to call, but this time they are all masons.  I don’t even want to think about how much they will want to charge. 
Bill has decided that he will probably call the roofer to come out and start this week, anyway.  We will just have to figure out the porch columns later.  I think, that if we supported the columns now, before the roofers start, we should be able to get away with waiting till the roof is done  to get the columns put back in place.  They are supporting the roof just fine at the moment, be we are pretty sure straightening them out and bringing them back to level, will involve completely ripping out the porch, & digging around the columns to expose the pillars.  The joys of home ownership.  When we filled out the forms for the historical society, they ask if your home has a name or what you would want it listed as.  I think usually they want the name of someone significant who has lived in the home.  We haven’t had anyone really important live here.  There was a butcher who lived here once, I bet alot of people at the time thought he was pretty important.  He died in the house, on my birthday, back in the ’30’s.  Anyway, we didn’t put down a name for the house, but I think I should change that.  I would like the plaque to read ‘1890 Money Pit’.  Because that is exactly what it is. 
Bill has presented me with about 19 colors that I have to pick 7 from.  I thought we were done with the colors for the outside.  I thought we settled on 4.  I thought wrong.  Bill has changed his mind.  He really thinks we can come up with 7 different colors for the exterior if we really apply ourselves.
I really don’t care at this point. As long as there is no blue, I’m good.  Unfortunately, the colors I like, he doesn’t.   There is only so much paintable space available on this house!  Why can’t the shingles count as a color?  or the Brick?  That would be brown and Red, great two colors already picked.  Oh I am just being cranky, I am sure we will figure it out.  But he’s asking someone who doesn’t like to shop, not at all.  Food shopping is okay, I really like food.  But I dislike all other shopping.
Oh, we did go to a few garage sales yesterday morning.  The very first one we went to, had Jazz Sneakers…in my size!!!! They fit great and had only been worn a couple of times.  Yay!  I got them for Zumba.  And for cheap!!!  I love cheap!  I also finally got the Zumba book & dvd I ordered.  I think I am going to like this DVD better.  It has 60 minutes of music on it.  I was playing the dvd yesterday and Evan was dancing around having a great time.  Bill was not so impressed.  He came downstairs and said he felt like he was in Miami.  LOL  I love it.  There are not many things I miss about Florida, but the music and awesome Cuban food are two of them.  Since Evan and I have a ton of cleaning to do today, I think we will listen to the very motivating latin music while we do.  Really loud.  It should confuse the neighbors,, heheheheheheheheh.
So that said, I am off to wage a losing battle against dust, mud and laundry 🙂

>Allergies, Gravy, Vacation and Contractors Galore

>There is alot of sniffling going on.  Snot galore.  Aden has perfected the Sinus Salute.  That’s where he pushes his nose up with his hand. Not sure if he thinks that will push the snot back in or what.
But, its not just Aden, we all seem to be suffering.  I just love pollen. 
Nana & Papa are heading down to the lake for vacation and have decided that they want to take Aden with them.  I wish they would take Evan too, but the both of them together are way to much for Nana to handle for a week.  Evan is still in full maniac mode.  But, if I can figure out how to control Aden’s allergies by tomorrow afternoon, I guess I will let him go.  Its good for the boys to have time apart.  There is alot less fighting when they are separated lol.
Gracie has been bringing the kitten, Gravy to the door several times a day and during the night as well.  She cries, then he cries.  I think she may be biting him to make him cry.  She wants us to let Gravy in.  I don’t think so.  Mama did that to us, twice.  First when she dropped off Gracie & Monkey, and then again when she brought Dart.  I am not taking care of the baby for her.  She stole it, she can take care of it.  I have my own babies to take care of.

The roofer did in fact show up yesterday.  So the final contact was signed, the colors picked out, the shingles selected.  We are just not clever enough to come up with the typical seven colors used on Victorian houses.  We did pick out four.  That’s about as gaudy as I can get. 
But, and there always is a but, we can’t start the roof until the porch columns are leveled back out.  I wanted to know why that wasn’t brought up last year when we were getting the estimates for the roof and was told that they have settled alot more since then and will have to be fixed first, before we rebuild the roof.  If we don’t, then it will be a waste of time doing the roof, because if we try and jack up the porch roof later, it will damage the roof.  Lovely, just flippin’ lovely. So I spent yesterday trying to track down companies that do mud jacking.  My first estimate is at 11 this morning.  I have a total of 6 companies coming out.  Bill was impressed.  Why I don’t know, maybe  its because I have no problem just calling people.  He doesn’t like the phone very much, and I am pretty sure if I left it up to him, we’d be waiting till next May before we saw any contractors :).  He’s really not that bad, but he does really hate calling people :).
The good thing about mud jacking is that it can be done in any weather, so we won’t be stuck waiting until it’s nice to get it done.  The only issue we may run into is the fact that the columns are set on top of bricks.  But, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.  I only hope that this doesn’t run through the  budget have set for the rest of the outside work.  Like the fence.  I really, really need that fence.  Sam has slipped her collar 2 days in a row. I am very tired of chasing her.  The collar is as tight as I can get it. 

As far as Aden making the 3-4 hour trip, I can’t decide what to do about his car sickness.  The pediatrician said Dramamine was fine to give him. But, I looked up the dosage and that is about what a dose of Benedryl is for him.  Maybe I’ll save the money on the Dramamine and just give him a dose of benedryl.  Its the same active ingredient.  I’ll have to call his doctor to see for sure, since he is taking claritin as well.  I know that when my allergies get really bad I can take both.  But then I’m alot bigger 🙂

Whatever, I am sure it will work out fine.