>Easter Sunday, The Roof gets started, Victorian Colors & Garden started

>Alrighty then, got a bit of gardening done yesterday.  Got the Irises, Sweet William & some Marigolds planted around the maple tree in the front.  I figure they should be safe from the roofers there.  We also 2 rows of wax beans planted.  So we are well on our way to getting the garden planted.  The boys and I will see what else we can get in today.  I need to figure out where I can safely put my herb garden so it doesn’t get trampled. 
Everything is all set to start the roof.  They should be able to start Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the weather.  It should only rain thru Wednesday, so hopefully the forecast will hold and they can start.  I think the dumpster is scheduled to be delivered Thursday regardless.  We have settled on some colors, I think, but who knows.  We are a ways off from painting. 
Bill has figured out what he is going to do about the porch.  In order to get the North column back in plum,  he has to replace a joist, and re-deck the porch, which he was going to do anyway.  That however, can wait until after the roof is done. 
Passover was awesome!!!!  It was so good to see everyone, well almost everyone.  Barry had to work, so that was depressing, but the food was good and the boys were fairly well behaved ๐Ÿ™‚  We didn’t get home till after 11pm which I knew was going to be a problem and it was.  Sam and Mama alone, in the house for long periods of time, usually means trouble of one kind or another.
Apparently, Sam had problems holding it till we got home.  It was a mess.  I ended up staying up till almost 2 am cleaning up pee, crap & blood.  Not sure what Sam did this time to annoy Mama, but she was a bloody mess.  The couch is micro-suede, and it took forever to get the blood off of it. Glass Cleaner is what I finally had to use.  I know sounds strange, but it worked.  I just had no idea a dogs ears could bleed that much.  I think Mama isn’t just scratching her, I think she is biting her.  I think we might want to consider a life insurance policy on Sam, just in case.  They seemed to have worked it out by the time we got home, because they were both hanging out on the couch, watching me clean. 
We discovered yesterday, that the kitten Gravy, is in fact a girl, not a boy as we had originally thought.  Which gives Gravy a much better chance of getting into the house.  Bill is a sucker for girls ๐Ÿ™‚
It looks like half of the mud from outside, is now inside.  The boys kept running in and out yesterday, so I am going to have some massive cleaning to do today.  If I was smart I would wait until we are done outside today to clean it up.  But, I can see the chunks of mud all over the floor and it is starting to get on my nerves lol.  But, this is one reason we only have wood floors, its easy to clean ๐Ÿ™‚
I might well go ahead and do it now.  The boys are actually occupying themselves in their room and besides it is sprinkling now.  We may have to wait a few days to plant anyway. 
Well, its already 9am and I haven’t gotten anything done today, I want to get alot of crap done today, just in case tomorrow doesn’t go well.
I still have hopes that the doctor can do whatever repair work he needs to do without keeping me in the hospital more than a few hours.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Anyway, I better get busy.  Happy Easter ๐Ÿ™‚

>Friday, Mammogram Postponed, Seder & Storms

>Finally, its Friday! I had to reschedule the mammogram, because Bill has his monthly staff meeting which just happens to start at the same time my appointment was.  He thought the meeting was yesterday.  Anyway, I am not happy and happy at the same time.  Happy, because I really didn’t want to go get squished.  Unhappy, because now I have to wait, yet another week to find out what is going on.  I am trying not to obsess or even think about it, but its hard, I don’t like not knowing.  ๐Ÿ™‚

So, tonight we go to Nana & Papa’s for the Seder dinner, it is still Passover, after all. I love Passover.  Of all of the Jewish holidays, it is by far my favorite.  I think it is because it involves several of my favorite activities.  You get to drink alot of wine, I like wine.  You get to read a really cool story about vengeance, and why it is a bad idea to irritate Jews.  Then there is food.  Lots of food.  And some more wine.  There is also singing at the dinner table.  Lots of loud rambunctious singing.  And a little more Wine.  Its just a overall great holiday. 
I didn’t find any dress pants for the boys, so they will wear jeans, no big deal.  I did find some nice shirts, so that will work. 
Papa has a tendency to go pretty quickly over the plagues, so the boys mostly miss what he says, they have also been too young in the past to actually know whats going on.  I think this year, Aden may at least understand some of what is going on. 
Several years ago, I watch a movie, called ‘ The Devil’s Arthimetic’.  It had the girl from the original Spiderman Movie, I don’t remember her name, but the cute blond girl. Anyway, she plays a Jewish teenager that doesn’t want to go to Seder, because she thinks its a waste of time. And of course, in the way of movies, she learns different.  It is a great movie, but it made me bawl like a baby for most of it.  But it is still a really good movie. 
The boys are still way to young to watch it, it deals with the holocaust, but eventually, they will watch it.
Speaking of the boys, they are so excited to go to Nana’s. But then, they usually are.  The trick will be to keep my sanity until we go.  They tend to be harder to control when they are excited ๐Ÿ™‚

They are already driving me nuts.  Aden had to start off the morning by coming into my room at 5:06 am and telling me what time it was.  I told him fine, he could go downstairs.  Which he didn’t.  He went in to his room and proceeded to wake Evan up.  Evan was not ready to get up.  So, Evan is still cranky and probably will be all day. 
I am hoping that I will be able to figure out the video camera I got Bill.  I have never seen anything so small.  Its the size of a credit card. But, it is really cool! If I can’t, no worries, I still have the digital camera.

Well it appears that the storm has finally reached us.  Its been raining with a bit of occasional thunder for the last couple of hours, but now it’s shaking the house.  I love a good storm.  They aren’t calling for much severe weather.  Only golf ball size hail, frequent lightening strikes and some strong, damaging winds.  Nope, that doesn’t sound severe to me.  Flooding though.  There could be some flooding.  Aden asked if the whole world was going to flood.  I said no, not today, its Passover, it may rain frogs, but we’ll be okay ๐Ÿ™‚

Bill is off to his meeting & I am off to see if I can’t get something accomplished this morning.

>Reconstruction, Column Do-Over, Passover & losing my mind

>I really don’t even know where to begin.  Everything is just wonky.  Let’s start with the Porch.
I thought the guys did a good job, Bill however, was livid.  The south column, was cracked and not where he wanted it.  Not to worry though, I just spoke with the guy who did the job, and he will be here in about 1 1/2 hours to fix it. 
Moving on.
Went to the doctor yesterday and he pretty much threw his hands up and said, “I cannot fix this and I would be afraid to try.”  Nice.  So he is sending me to an OB/GYN surgeon who specializes in this sort of reconstruction.  I was a bit surprised when I learned who this specialist is.  It was my OB/GYN that delivered Aden and Evan.  Well, he didn’t actually deliver Evan, he was out of town that week, but anyway.  He is the doctor who, because I had so many issues, told me that if I got pregnant again, he wouldn’t see me.  I was to much of a liability risk.  No Shit Sherlock! There is a reason why Doctor’s are required to carry malpractice insurance.  I was amazed that I even got an appointment with him.  I really like him, and have tried several times in the last couple of years to get in to see him.  But, getting an appointment with him is like trying to get an audience with the pope.  Actually, it would probably be easier to get in to see the Pope ๐Ÿ™‚
So, I go and see him Monday at the hospital.  Apparently, it is enough of an issue that he’ll see me.  Now, I like this doctor, the one I am seeing Monday.  But, I had alot of issues with Staph infections after the surgeries up in St. Joseph.  2 staph infections after Aden and 5, yes 5 different stains of staph after Evan.  That last one required an almost 3 week hospital stay. 1 of those infections was MRSA.  Now I know that the doctor himself doesn’t give you the staph infections, its the hospital.  And I really don’t want to go through that again.  So, I would rather not have to have the surgery in St. Joseph.  But, I don’t know if this doctor has surgery privileges at the hospital here in town.  I didn’t get a staph infection after this last surgery, so apparently its a cleaner hospital.
I know that I shouldn’t focus on it, but it just really sucks, and I can’t come up with a backup plan for this, should anything else go wrong. 
I won’t know until Monday, whats going to happen.
It could be a fairly easy fix and he can do it Monday with a few quick stitches.  Or, it may be that I have to be sliced open again so they can completely re-build the cuff.  That is supposed to require a hospital stay, but that is not going to happen, I will not stay. The biggest problem would be the recovery from yet another surgery.  having another surgery this quickly would not be a good thing.  I think I should stop worrying about it for now.  It is what it is and I am sure it will work out.
I got the mammogram scheduled for Friday morning.  I am not looking forward to being squished, but it will be good to even if its nothing to have a baseline before I turn 40. 
But I must say, I am getting really sick of being felt up lol. Well, being felt up by people who I don’t want to be feeling me up ๐Ÿ™‚
Bill is pretty disappointed to!  I really feel for him.  We just got the go ahead to get friendly and now he’s cut off again.  Poor guy.
Friday night, we are heading up Bill’s mom’s for Passover dinner.  I think this year, to save myself the headache and the whining, I’ll feed the boys before we go. That way they don’t think they are going to starve to death, waiting on the actual food.  Dinner isn’t suppose to start until sunset, but she’s going to start about 6pm because otherwise the boys pass out at the table.  Usually they only make it till about 8:30 pm before they start nodding off.  Hopefully this year we can wind it up by 10pm.  No brisket this year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ  But we do get the chicken liver which is all I care about ๐Ÿ™‚  I think she is making chicken this year. 
I should probably get off here and go shut the dog in the boys room before the guys show up.  Sam was NOT a happy camper when they were here before and I was sure she was going to break the door down.  Mama of course didn’t care.  I’ll post the before and after pictures in a few days.  The historical society is coming up tomorrow with their architect to check out what they did and to drop of the paperwork for the roofer to fill out about the gingerbread and cornices. 
Ah, The Fun just never ends ๐Ÿ™‚

>Stopping Smoking Day 12, Allergies, Neti Pot, Masons & Zumba in a Haunted House

>Its like day 12 or so of the stop smoking saga, I am having a hard time keeping track lol. But, I am doing pretty good.  Now I am to where I can go without a real cigarette, but, I still occasionally want one.  Or just a puff or two of the real thing. It appears that my little experiment is working.  I switched the cartridge to the chocolate flavor, and it it so yummy.  I like it better than the vanilla one.  The vanilla one was great too.  The tobacco flavored one was pretty good, but I still don’t think it is tobacco flavor.  What flavor it is, is a mystery to me, but it is pretty good too. I have given myself one more week to cheat if I want to with real cigarettes and then no more. 

 One of the companies that we had set up to give us an estimate on the columns showed up yesterday.  Ninety minutes late and no call.  I hate that, I really do.  Before I get side tracked and start ranting about why I dislike tardiness, I’ll just get to what he said.  He said it can’t be done.  Simple as that.  Mudjacking will not work, Better fine a good mason.  Then he left.  He only looked briefly at the front of the house.  I would have preferred a bit more of an explanation.  The only reason I can think of, would be how the columns are made.  They are hollow inside, we think, and sitting on pillars of brick.  So, injecting  concrete under the pillars wouldn’t work.  But then, I don’t know, I am just guessing.  We do have a few other companies scheduled to come out, so we’ll see what they say.  I will in the mean time go ahead and call some masons to see what they have to say.  I already know that by going the mason route, its going to be pricey and very time consuming.  I do not want to wait 3 months for the roof.  I want it done now.  So I had this idea for Bill.
Use house jacks to jack up the porch, next to each column to get the porch roof up to level.  Then we can have the roofers do the roof and worry about the columns after.  We can’t wait on the roof, nor can we wait too long on the columns.  If we do the roof, before the columns, then we will be wasting money having the porch roof done.  Once we have the columns fixed, it would end up pushing the roof line up.  We’d have to have the roof rebuilt. 
I really think it can be done, as long as the roof is pushed up where it should be, before the roofers start.  Then the mason can take his time, rebuilding the pillars under the columns.  We already own 3 or 4 house jacks.  We had to have them when Bill first started working on the house and had to bring a couple of floors up to level.  Some idiot had sawed through a floor joist in the basement.  So that is where we stand on the roof/column/cluster F***. 
Have I mentioned that I am not all the fond of contractors????

Moving right along.  Aden was absolutely miserable yesterday!!!  I wasn’t too back until about 4:30 pm then the pollen started kicking my ass. Then I was miserable for the rest of the night.  It was so bad, the neti pot didn’t even work, but that was probably because I waited to long to use it. I am praying for rain today.  Just one day, with rain, so we can breath for a little while.

Nana & Papa should be here about dinner time to fetch Aden.  Evan is so excited that Aden is leaving, He packed Aden’s bags yesterday.  Brotherly Love, its such a beautiful thing. Evan thinks they should come and get Aden this morning.

About 3 weeks ago, the boys started telling me that there projector was coming on by itself.  Its this thing for babies that projects stars and moons on the ceiling or wall and play lullabies.  I’ve kept it because they really like it.
Anyway, so this projector appears to have taken on a life of its own.  I have even heard it start playing when no one is in their room.  I thought maybe since it was getting old, maybe the wiring was loose or something inside it.  Or that maybe it was playing if someone jumped or something to close to it.  The boys and I tried jumping next to it to see if it would start playing, it didn’t.  Sam doesn’t have thumbs so I am pretty confident that she isn’t turning it on.  Who knows maybe the ghosts just like Brahms.  Whatever the cause it is pretty amusing.  It goes off at the strangest times.

I am still doing the Zumba.  I still love it.  I have decided though, that while I love salsa music, I am not all that fond of HipHop.  Some of it is okay, but it just isn’t something I get all excited about.  So, I thought I would figure out my music to do Zumba too.  I have settled for now on Santana, because I have always loved Santana.  A little Aerosmith, I was pretty surprised that Walk this Way, works for Zumba. Those are my additions for now, other than those I’ll stick with the music that is typically used. 

I have started working on a new knitting project.  I am working on a hat with cat ears.  Dark gray with pale pink inside the ears.  The knit is very tight and I am worried that the hat may end up to small for the person I am making it for.  I might get to see this person in a couple of weeks, so I wonder how tacky it would be to go up and measure his head?  It seems a little strange, but since i am the one running around with a measuring tape, it may not seem that odd to the people I assault with it.  They all know  I am prone to odd behavior.  I am also having a little trouble with the band for the hat.  The light gray I had picked out looks a bit stupid, I may need to get another color or just do the band in the same gray as the rest of the hat.  I am sure I’ll figure it out, eventually.

Still haven’t been able to find out if Bill will be able to take off for Passover.  His mom wants to do it the 19th, but Bill has to work.  Somehow Fran has it in her head that she has to have the first or second day.  I can’t seem to convince her that it does last 7 or 8 days depending, and we could easily wait until Friday or Saturday to have the dinner.  Bill is off on Fridays, we could actually attend.  I would hate to miss passover, it is by far my favorite of all the Jewish holidays. 
I am sure we will figure that out too.  Its going to be a really long day.  The boys are going nuts waiting for Nana & Papa.  I should go work on laundry and get the rest of Aden’s stuff packed.