>It’s A Beautiful Day in OZ

>Oh what a beautiful day!  Its raining, outstanding!  It is supposed to rain and storm most of the day.  Which means I’ll spend most of the day trying to keep the boys from bringing down the house around my ears.  I can’t wait till we get the fence 🙂
Not to worry, I have paints!  With enough paint and paper, I should be able to keep them occupied for at least 10 minutes.  I just hope that this time, they don’t paint the dog, or the cat.
Sam didn’t mind so much, but Mama, got pretty irritated.
My surgeon should be back in town today, so hopefully, I can get in touch with him before I go to the other guy about the stitch thing.  I really don’t want to go. 
What I want to do is go on vacation!  The roofers are supposed to be here tomorrow!  I hope they can get started this week.  Bill informed me that he wants to go ahead and have a garage sale really soon.  Okay, that would be nice, except, every time we have one, he ends up working and I have to do everything myself.  That sucks.  He suggested the first weekend in May.  I wonder if he realizes that is next Saturday.  Yeah, that isn’t going to happen.  I need more than a weeks notice.  Besides, if the roofers are working on the roof, how exactly am I going to have a yard sale in my front yard???  He’ll just have to wait.  I can probably get someone to come over and sit with the boys while I have it.  I’ll have to, there is no way I can chase them and do the yard sale.
I say we wait till the roof is done, and the house looks all pretty.  Just a thought.
There is a house next door, that the city took over and is going to knock down sometime this summer.  Its almost exactly like ours.  We need to go and loot it lol.  We still have the original windows and need 3 replacements. And some door hardware and a window sill.  Think the city would mind???  I doubt they would.  The only problem would be that the house next door is condemned and the second floor has collapsed.  May be a bit tricky to get the stuff lol.
I have decided that from now on, when I clean the house, I am going to take pictures and put them on the fridge.  That way people can see that I do actually clean the house.  It only stays clean about 10 minutes.  Well, yesterday I think it was about 15 minutes before the boys discovered I had cleaned the downstairs and decided they needed to ‘fix’ it.  Oh well, at least the mud is gone.

I am still unsure what to do with my herbs this year.  Where I normally have my herb garden is right were the fence is going to go.  I do have a very old radio flyer red wagon, one of the old metal ones, that is all rusted and the handle is busted.  I may just have Bill drill a couple of holes in it and line it, then I can plant some of the herbs in there.  Very convenient for moving around the yard, to keep out of the roofer’s way.  Everything else will have to go into containers.  Although, the metal is pretty rusted, I may be able to poke holes in it with a screwdriver:).  Yep, its decided.  That is what I will do.
I wanted to put in planters that hang over the porch railing, maybe I can do that after everything is painted.  I have these brass rectangular planters that I was going to use, so I can bring some of the herbs in the house for the winter. 

Just spoke with my surgeon.  He said not to worry. It would have been one of the stitches that was supposed to dissolve.  Good!!!!!!  I didn’t want to be poked today anyway.  He said he’ll see me Friday if I am still concerned.

Okay, the laundry is calling me, oh the fun just never ends 🙂