>Day 6, 7 & 8 of Stopping smoking & How Zumba kicked my a$$

>Since I really don’t get a chance to blog on the days that Bill is off work, I’ll just do a combo for what all went on Friday & Saturday.
Just to recap, I have mostly been using the e-cig, with occasionally slipping in a real cigarette.  And by occasionally I mean maybe 1 or 2 whole cigs spread throughout the day.  I got the kit with the e-cig last Saturday, March 26th.  I have been on the same battery charge and the same cartridge since then.  One cartridge is supposed to be the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes.  So I think that is pretty good.  I am really surprised with how long the battery has lasted! Really surprised.  But I think that I will go ahead and recharge it today, I also think I am getting to the end of the cartridge and will need to change that too.  I think it would have lasted longer, but Bill was using it over the weekend too.  He tried to talk me into letting him take it to work.  He said he’d go get me a pack of cigarettes and he would take the e-cig.  Ah, No.  He is just going to have to get his own.  I will share it while he’s here, but he is not taking it to work. 
I did tell him that if he gets his own kit, I’d be happy to give him my Cherry favored cartridge for his Vanilla one.
But today will be the real test.  There are no real cigarettes here.  Just me and my e-cig.  I think that when I change the cartridge I will put in one of the 18mg cartridges to see if that works better.  Right now I am using a 14mg.  The only bad thing is I only have to 18mg cartridges. One is menthol and the other Tobacco flavored.  I would prefer the vanilla 🙂  But I am pretty sure it only comes in 14mg.  I’ll check the website to be sure.
Because I haven’t mentioned it before, i think I will let you know what company I got this e-cig from.  I didn’t want to do it, until I knew whether or not it was a piece of crap.  But since it is working, so far, as it is supposed to, I’ll dish.
I am using the South Beach Smoke E-cig.  I had gotten alot of recommendations for other companies, but I really didn’t want to mess with refilling cartridges and stuff.

Now for Zumba.
Wednesday I did 40 minutes and was very proud of myself, I loved it.  I loved it so much, that when Thursday rolled around I wanted to do it again.  Since I wasn’t sore at all from Wednesday, I figured it wouldn’t hurt.  Thursday I did 90 minutes and still loved it.  Still wasn’t really sore except for my feet.  But that was my own fault.  The sneakers I have are pretty bulky and made more for walking, not dancing.  It was such a pain to try and wear them, I just took them off.  It isn’t alot of pain or anything major, just my instep and the balls of my feet.  I have more appropriate shoes but they were all boxed up.  I’ll try using them next time.
Anyway, Friday, Bill had some errands to run so he took Evan with him and I  thought that since they were gone, I’d do some Zumba, maybe just an hour or so.
That just didn’t work out like I thought it would.
I have all the routines I like in the order I like to do them, so its pretty much easy to hard.
The first one I tried was just a one, two step, easy.  or it should have been.
I could not move.  My legs just wouldn’t go.  I am looking at the screen, I know how my legs should be moving, and yet they are not moving. Maybe I should stretch more.  Tried that, thought I was going to die.
But I kept trying, after stretching more, I tried again.  I was able to get my legs to move, but not so well.
I probably actually only did 20 minutes.  Then I just gave up.  I spent the rest of Friday, convinced that someone should just shoot me.  put me out of my misery.  As long as I didn’t move very much I was okay.  I have places that are sore where I didn’t even know I had muscles.  But yet, I still thought about doing Zumba.  I am convinced, its like crack.  But, at least now I am not doubting whether or not it actually working.  I have learned that, I really should stick to my original plan, to alternate Zumba, Pilates, yoga & Tae Bo. 
At least I can walk again.  You know you are really sore when it hurts more to walk down stairs than it does to walk up them.
Aden just asked if we are going to do Zumba today.  ROFLMAO.  Yeah Right.  Maybe Tuesday.  Or Tomorrow, but not today.
Today I am thinking, something a bit less traumatic, like Yoga.  Or maybe just laundry 🙂
Bill’s birthday weekend was not to shabby, all considered.  He got Chicken Marsala on Friday and Steaks yesterday.  The steaks were awesome!  I couldn’t not taste them.  I had to.  One little bite, they were oh so good. 
Bill took down the last peach tree and one of the pear trees.  It was sad, but they had to go.  They were right in the middle of back yard, and while I loved the shade from them, not to mention the free fruit, they were taking up too much room.  We want to have room for the dog & the boys to run, once the yard is fenced.  And we would like to get them a playset and with the trees were they were, there would not have been enough room.  So, he took those out and started digging for the retaining wall.  With the design he came up with, the boys & Sam will have plenty of room and I will still have lots of room to plant my gardens.  But the vegetable garden is going to be moved to the west side of the house.  But that has to wait until the roofers are done and the house next door is finally knocked down.  Speaking of roofers, we should see them on Tuesday.  Yay!!! Finally.  Let’s just hope the weather stays nice after Monday. 
Nana & Papa are thinking about taking Aden with them down to the lake when they go next week. We still haven’t told Aden, because they are still just talking about it.  He loves the lake, but I am pretty sure that Nana & papa won’t be doing all of the hiking we do when we go, actually I doubt if they will hike at all lol.
I had probably better get off here and get busy with my laundry before the storms roll in.  We tend to lose power pretty frequently if we get good storms.

>Day One…The Stop Smoking Saga Begins

>Yesterday, the United States Postal service was kind enough to deliver the electronic cigarette kit I ordered, on Tuesday.  Outstanding.  Because I am female, immediately after opening the package, I read the instruction manual, all of it, word for word, cover to cover.  I am mentioning this, because if I was male , I would have just winged it, without reading anything. Anyway, So I read it, and plugged in the battery part to the wall charger and figured I had about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to wait until the battery was fully charged.  Surprise, it took about 1 1/2 hours to fully charge.

Step two.  I unplugged the battery thing and tried to decide which flavor pack I was going to try first.  I decided on Vanilla. So I put that part where it was supposed to go and it appeared that I was ready to go.
For some reason, I just put it back in the holder part of the package.  And looked at it.
I just wasn’t sure if I really wanted to put that thing in my mouth.  It has a battery, I have always been told you don’t put batteries in your mouth.  It it plastic and metal, with a microchip and then a little plastic thing filled with poison (the nicotine, glycol, water stuff).  None which sound like things that you should put in your mouth.  So I took the dog outside to pee and I lit up a real cigarette while I contemplated this electronic thingy and any possible consequences of putting it in my mouth.

After much contemplation, well okay it was about 3 minutes worth, I decided that I would actually use the thingy and see. 
But, not right that minute, I just had 1/2 of a cigarette.

About 2 hours later, I needed to get dinner started so, I picked up the e-cig and gave it a quick, little pull.  Hmmm not too shabby.  It didn’t really taste like vanilla.  It tasted more like a swisher sweet. Which I have been known to enjoy on occasion.  The little red light lit up like it was supposed to, and there was just a little bit of the smoke stuff, which isn’t smoke at all, its a water vapor.  It was like your breath, outside on a chilly morning, not much at all. In fact if you aren’t watching closely you will miss it.  But, I noticed the hit of nicotine immediately and after one hit, not 1/2 a cigarette.  I can see how this would work. Well for some people.  I am not now , nor have I ever been a heavy smoker.  Maybe 5 cigarettes a day, that’s why I chose to go with the lowest dose they carried, that still contained nicotine.  They have flavor cartridges that are just flavor and no nicotine. 
So I tried to do just use the e-cig for the rest of the day.  And I did do pretty well, except I did have the rest of my real cigarette about 8:30 when I took Sam out. 
This morning, I didn’t use it I had a real cigarette.  The e-cig is still in its little holder.  I will try to use it most of the day.
There are couple of things I don’t like about it.  Its @$#%ing heavy. I can’t hold it like a regular cigarette, my hand aren’t big enough.  When I say heavy, I am not joking, it is also  a bit bigger than a regular cigarette. 

Real Cig on Left- E-cig on the right

As you can see the electronic one is alot bigger.  I am not saying I don’t like it.  I just have to use it more than I am.  I still haven’t just sat down and smoked it like a real cigarette yet.  Maybe that is my problem.  I rarely can just set down and smoke.  I stand outside, take 2 or 3 hits and come back in.  But I also don’t want to use the e-cig in front of the boys.  Maybe I should start doing it in the laundry room 🙂

So that is the update for today.  I would like to switch over completely by Monday.  But of course I would also have to use the thing more than once or twice. 
In case I haven’t mentioned it,  I am using the South Beach Smoke Premium Starter kit. 
Let’s see how today goes.