>A Beautiful Weekend!

>Yesterday was so awesome!  We finally made a decision on the colors for outside the house.  It is final!  No one is allowed to change their minds, under penalty of slow and painful death 🙂
We got alot of stuff planted.  The rest of the green beans, Mesclun, Mustard, Spinach Mustard, Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers, California Bells, Sweet Peas, Basil and cilantro.  As of this morning the Rosemary plant I bought is still alive. I’ll keep an eye on it, but I also think I should probably stay away from it.  I don’t want to kill it:)
So of course, we plant and now they are calling for frost tonight and tomorrow night.  Nice, now I will have to go outside and cover everything.  Luckily, I saved all the plastic we had covering the windows for the winter.  I should have plenty.  We have to cover the windows with plastic in winter, because the windows, being 122 years old, leak like sieves. We do everything we can to try and keep the gas bill down.  I imagine that once the roof is done and Bill can get more insulation up in the attic, that will make a significant difference, not only will heating, but with the electric bill in the summer.  Its really only the upstairs that gets unbearably hot in summer.  The downstairs stays pretty cool because of all the brick. But since we are using window a/c units, the electric bill can get pretty high in the late summer. 
We thought about getting central a/c when we had the new furnace put in, but the costs of installing it was just ridiculous.  I really don’t think we need it.  Surely, we can suck it up for 6 weeks:)
We’ve done okay so far.
The boys got to ride their bikes yesterday, and they did really well.  No one broke anything.  So, I promised them that if the keep practicing we will be able to go to the park and they can ride their bikes there. I think that may end up taking a while, since they seem to prefer me pushing the bike to them actually pedaling.  Today, because we played in the dirt most of the day, I will get to spend the day cleaning up all the dirt.  At least this time, its not a bunch of mud.  That clay is hard to clean up.  I should at least have a good amount of help this time.  The point system is working out pretty well with the boys.  Unfortunately for them, yesterday they lost points almost as quickly as they earned them, but at least they aren’t in the negative.  They did alot of fighting yesterday, so every time they earned a point for helping, they would get into an argument, and I would end up taking the point away.  Why can’t we all just get along !  But, their room is still clean.  Aden used his first and only 10 points so he could play a game and he only has 4 points now.  Evan used his 10 to get back the big Buzz Lightyear.  He has 4 points now.  He wants to get back the Lego’s and since I decided that 10 points only gets him 4 Lego’s it may be awhile before I have to worry about stepping on them.  I really dislike legos. Aden seems more interested in earning TV and game time than getting his toys back.  Fine with me 10 points = 30 minutes of either, but only one.  I am so mean!!!
Alrighty then I need to go get busy, the cleaning fairies seem to have taken the weekend off, again.  I think I will freak the neighbors out and blast some music.  Since I am in love with song I think I’ll just play this over and over.

I really love this guy, I have no idea what he’s saying, I think caliente is ‘hot’?? 
Of course I had to play it before I posted the link, so Aden is busting out his zumba moves!  He’s not too bad 🙂
I really do need to find more music to zumba too, but really don’t know any really good salsa music or reggaeton, its proving a bit of a challenge.  Why is this music so appealing to me??  its a long way off of my usual.  The Eagles it is not lol. It also bugs me that I have no idea what they are saying 90 % of the time, oh well, Music knows no barriers:)
So, I am off to blast the music and we can clean our butts of to some music that we don’t understand, but yet are quickly becoming addicted to.  Bill thinks that I may be missing Florida, subconsciously.   I don’t think so really, but it would certainly be easier to find out what music I might like 🙂
Only 2 days, till the roofers start!!

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>I-Phone, Tomato Thieves, SWAT Teams & Stupid People

> I still haven’t got the hang of the title thing. I was told to make sure my title is relevant. Relevant to whom? Me, You, People in Singapore, the Dog? Now its been a long time since I took any writing classes or even an English class, but I seem to recall, way back in the day, before crawlers, that your title was just your title. Not a bunch of key words strung together. Granted, they didn’t have crawlers then, but why should I cater to them? If I was doing the title I wanted it would look more like this.
‘Stupid Mother leaves babies in car, Swat Team called in while Tomato Thieves run Rampant through Florida, all while being tracked by their I-phones’.
Its a bit long, but I think it sums it up better. I am starting to really dislike key words. I especially don’t like tags.
Whatever, I should stop or I’ll end up complaining about it all day 🙂
So the porch guys came back out yesterday with an engineer this time. Smart move on their part. After several hours of fiddling, the North column is as good as it is going to get, with taking it completely apart and getting a real mason to rebuild it.
Bill is actually considering this. I think it is a very bad idea, for now. The porch roof is supported, it will not move. The columns are as level and straight as they are going to get. Let’s just get the roof done, before any more damage is done. We can always rebuild the column at a later date, after the roof is done.
Speaking of the roof, we just saved $3500 on the roof, by switching 2 materials for the sofits and facia. Awesome!!!! We aren’t sacrificing anything because both materials have a 50 year warranty. Works for me. So instead of using PVC for the facia, we are going with fiber cement. And Engineered wood Strand for the sofits. So, there we are. Hopefully, very soon, I can start complaining about what a mess the roofers are making, I hope.
Let’s see, Evan is feeling better today, I think. Yesterday, I couldn’t get him to eat anything, which is very strange for him. He eats everything in sight.
Bill is so looking forward to having the weekend off! I am too. It just seems like I see him less now, than I did before he was promoted.
I wanted to make sure the boys had something to wear for tomorrow night, so I went upstairs to make sure I could find their dress clothes. Yep, I found them. Damn it! they don’t fit! How can this be? Evan’s slacks are about 2 inches to short, Aden’s are to tight in the waist, which means Evan won’t be able to wear those either. At least, I can give Evan, Aden’s shirt, then I am only down 1 shirt and 2 pairs of pants. I know I kept alot of boys clothes from when I was doing Ebay, so I should have a bin or two somewhere, with pants and shirts. But I think I only kept size 6,7 & 8. Aden needs a 5 slim or he did. I have the sewing machine out so I can always take in a size 6 and let it out later. But what a pain. At least I found out yesterday, and not tomorrow when I was trying to get them ready. Now I just have to find that bin! And I have to fine me something that fits. It does really amaze me, how skinny Aden is now. He was such a fat baby! Not chubby, huge.
I did find this sewing sit online, that talked about customizing your store bought bras. They had awesome instructions on how to take in your bras. I followed the instructions and now one of my nice bras fits! Finally! I had to take in 2 inches on each side of the band, but I was to scared to actually cut the material out. What if I end up getting bigger and need those inches back? Bras are stupid expensive. Well, the ones I got were anyway 🙂
But since the sewing machine is out I can start taking in my jeans so I don’t have to keep using Bill’s belt. I know, I could just go and by a belt, but that would involve actually spending money 🙂
Storms today and it looks like through the weekend 😦 I wanted to try and get the garden in Saturday. I want to at least get in spinach, lettuce, tomatoes. I think the green beans & peas can wait a couple of weeks.
Bill will just have to fence around the garden.
Okay so I watched the news this morning. Yep you guessed it, it was an idiot fest.
First, we have a mother, who drove her mini-van to dollar general or dollar tree, one of those, left her 11 month old and her 3 year old in the van, while it was running, and she went into the store. When she came back out she noticed her van driving away. The SWAT team was called in, and a 3 hour stand off, ensued. The children are okay. Maybe its just me, but what kind of idiot leaves her kids in the car, while its running, to go shopping????? Does she not watch the news, ever? She told authorities that she has never had a problem before, because the 3 years looks after the baby… The 3 year old! Really? I have a three year old, I wouldn’t trust him to babysit anything living. I can’t believe the mother isn’t in trouble.
Next up on the list.
It seems that there is a new organized crime ring in Florida. If this doesn’t convince you the economy is in the toilet, nothing will.
Apparently these guys, set up a fake trucking company, in order to steal….wait for it…….tomatoes.
Tomatoes. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of…tomatoes. They have yet to be caught. So, be very careful out there. They could be armed with bacon & lettuce. Very Dangerous. I wonder if when we plant our tomatoes we should put in some sort of security system??? Maybe we will just let Sam stay outside at night to guard them? Maybe we should get a couple of vicious Doberman’s to guard the tomatoes.
The next idiot was perhaps my favorite. This guy was in court for parole violations and he decided that instead of going to jail, he would try jumping out the window. He broke the window, then tried to jump out. He was stopped by a petite policewoman, who yanked him back into the room. He only suffered cuts and scraps. She probably saved his life, since it would have been a fall of a couple of stories. I think, she should have let him jump. They would have had plenty of time to send officers down to the parking lot to make sure he didn’t get away, just in case he lived. He might have only broken his legs. It would have saved the state tons of money. Unless of course he did live and broke alot of bones, then the state is stuck paying his medical bills. Okay, I have to change my mind. The policewoman was right to stop him.
But it was still funny.
Then we have the story about how people with I-phones are having their movements tracked by their phone. Gotta love it.
On today’s agenda, we have alterations to make and hair to cut, if Aden will let me. He is starting to look a bit like Shaggy (from Scooby Doo, not the singer, although I really like that Shaggy)
I hear the laundry and litter box calling my name. Oh joy of joys!
Protect your tomatoes!!!!