Happy Dance on a Snow Day

Happy Dance on a Snow Day

Today is yet another snow day.  It appears all of the weather folks got it wrong when they said we wouldn’t get but 2-4 inches total up here.  It is still snowing.  It is supposed to snow the rest of the day into tomorrow morning.  I got this information from NOAA.  Apparently, only NOAA really knows what is going on with the weather.

Whatever, no worries.  If the wind dies down a little, I’ll  make the boys go out and build us a fort:)  I have plenty of empty coffee can’s I have saving that will work great on this nice wet snow.

In other news, the jobs are really flooding in!  I did get the 150 article contract, and the folks from the Boston job asked if I would be willing do some more work for them.  Ah, yeah!  Like I would say no!  And, I am talking to a lady in Devonshire, England about writing for her magazine!  I am so loving this staying home and writing and getting paid to do it!  It is Perfect for me.

Bill was a little less than enthusiastic about it.  When I told him, he said, ‘yeah’.  That was his entire response.  I know he rarely pays attention to what I say, which is understandable, since I talk all the time.  But, the least he could have done was a ‘that’s great’ to it.:)  Oh well, we can’t have everything.  I am too proud of myself at the moment to be upset that he isn’t.  He might not have been paying attention enough to even register what I said.  I posted it on Facebook, maybe he will read that.  He doesn’t usually read my posts and never my blog, so it’s hard to tell.  Maybe he’ll notice next year at tax time, when I have income to report lol.  As for now, I’ll just do my thing and enjoy it.  I think his problem with the whole writing thing is, I am not getting a check with a set amount every week.  I think that is what he would really like to see, but we can’t do that right now.  The boys are too young to be left alone at home, we only have one vehicle, which limits us to where I can work.  It would have to be within walking distance.  It also has to be extremely flexible with my hours.  I can’t work before 8:15 am, I have to take the boys to the bus stop and have time to walk wherever I was working.  I must be home by 3:30 pm, to get them off the bus.  Except twice a month, when I need to be home by 2:15 pm because of early release. I can’t work nights or weekends.  I also need to have every day the school is out off.  That is a bit much to ask of an employer.  I have, and guess what, they can find someone else, without all the demands I have.

So, for me, staying home and writing freelance, works best.  Yeah, I may not get credit for some of the things I do (ghost writing) but I will get paid and I’ll be here for the boys and Bill when he is home.

That works for me.