>Home Again, Birthday, Drama, Contractors & More Drama

>Ah, home Finally!!!!!!  After what has seemed like the week from hell, the boys, Sam and I are finally back home.  Now, were to begin………….
Let’s go back a bit.
Okay, so Last Tuesday, I had my doctor’s appointment and then another company was supposed to come by and take a look at the porch columns.  I’ll go into the Doctor’s appointment later, because I’m going to classify that with the other drama.
So, Contractor shows up, on time, brownie points for that.  He and Bill walked and they talked, and the contractors said he’s get with the company’s engineer & get back to us.  He did.  Apparently, it can be fixed!!!!!!  And they will start Monday.  It should be done no later than Tuesday, including replacing the sidewalk they will have to rip up.  from what I understand, it will be very loud and very messy.  I don’t care as long as it gets done.  The roofers will be here Tuesday.  I am not sure how much they will get done this week because it is supposed to storm all week, but at least the porch will be done.
It will cost $5000.00.  Peachy.  I am supposed to be grateful it isn’t twice that, but I can’t help being a bit freaked out with the price tag. That is pretty much the entire budget for the Fence and the back bathroom.  We will probably still be able to do the fence, but probably not as soon.  The bathroom????  Who knows, but probably not this summer. 
So that’s that.
Next, Doctor’s appointment.
It sucked.  It just really fuckin sucked.  I can’t begin to express how much it sucked.  But, being the kind of person I am, I’ll give it a go. 
So, we’ll start small and work our way to the big stuff.  I seem to have pulled a muscle in my stomach while doing Zumba.  Not a really big deal, except when I cough.  Then I want to die.  With the allergies as bad as they are, I am coughing alot.  But, its not life threatening, which is a plus. 
During the getting felt up portion of the exam, the doctor found a,  and I’ll quote here, “little, small, bump like spot”??????  Huh?  
Now, I don’t tend to get freaked out about much.  But when a Doctor starts repeating himself and asking stupid questions, I get concerned.  I am really not all that worried about it.  I’ll just go get the mammogram and be done with it.  But I am not looking forward to it.  I was supposed to go last Friday, but because of other drama, I wasn’t able to. I am pretty sure its just scar tissue  or something like that, since I do have a talent for scar tissue and the only risk factor I have for breast cancer is that I have breasts.  I’m not really worried.  I’ll just keep on saying that 🙂
And just because its my birthday week, there just had to be yet more crap.  Within a few hours of learning that for my birthday I had to go get the squish the boobies test, we learn that I will need to pack up and go stay in Kansas city for the remainder of my in-laws vacation.  That was a pain in my ass.  I had a considerable amount of things to do at my home.  Anyway, it was alot of Drama.  Don’t really care for drama.  Eventually, I will go into why I had to, but I was asked, in order to protect the guilty, to not say anything about it.  Okay, I’ll try.  Please take bets amongst yourselves, as to how long I will remain silent. 
Oh wait!  I forgot to mention that I will need to go back to the doctor because it appears that some of my permanent stitches have come undone and I may need yet another surgery to repair what has come apart.  Maybe, I’ll find that out Tuesday. Again, Maybe I’ll find out.  He may have to send me to a specialist.  Lovely.  Just F’ing lovely.
Apparently this is not a good thing   For the record, I didn’t do anything to cause this.  He was that last person anywhere near it!!!!  Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeee!

I think that about covers it.  Nope, but wait there is more………..
We get home yesterday, and Aden pukes the second we walk in the door.  And has continued to puke every few hours since then.  He was apparently not sick enough to prevent him from running through the house like a maniac chasing his brother, but just sick enough to make a bit more work and see if he can play this off so I will wait on him. Well, it works.  I think it may be that his digestive system is all wonked up, from his vacation.  I hear that it was the best vacation a 5 year old could possibly have outside of Disneyland 🙂

Mama Cat was not pleased to see Sam.  Sam got a little bloody.  They seem to have worked it out though.  As long as Sam stays away from Mama, and stops trying to sniff her butt, things should be fine.

I was amazed at how clean the house was when we got home.  That lasted about 3 minutes.  And there was toilet paper on the dispenser!!!  it was almost out we we left.  I think Bill may have actually changed it himself!  Or maybe he had someone else come over and do it, I didn’t ask. 
The boys and I have a few little things to do outside today to make sure we are ready for the guys to come tomorrow.  I am not sure what I am going to do with my wind chimes.  I will probably just put them on the pear tree out back.  I don’t think the tree will look too stupid with 8 wind chimes on it 🙂 

It finally looks like we are going to get the outside finished!!!!  I can’t wait.  The historical society has requested pictures of ever stage of the of the process which, will be a bit of a pain, but not too bad.  It’s for a good cause 🙂

Bill want to start taking my e-cig to work with him.  I think I’ll be okay without it after today.  I think I just need a day or so to calm down a bit.  But, it did end up working pretty good for me.  I am now down to using the 11mg cartridges and I don’t use it that much.  I mostly just carry it around like a pacifier 🙂

The weather is at least beautiful, if I ignore the the pollen.  The claritin is at least working pretty good now.  Now if I can only convince Evan to stop trying to pick up mama, we should be okay.  Although, he would only have to do it once and I bet she’ll convince him it wasn’t a smart move 🙂  She is at least alot more gentle with the boys.

Zumba is calling….I’d better go answer 🙂

>Monday, Masons, Evan’s Iris Issue & Contractors

>Did you know that contractors make so much money, they don’t have to return calls?  Or show up for scheduled appointments?  I need a career change.  Out of 6 contractors I made appointments with to come and look at the porch, one showed up.  That’s right one.  And he stayed for all of 30 seconds.  I am getting very tempted to just call the Vo-tech and see if the Masonry teacher needs a project for his students.  I am betting they would show up.  It would probably take 2 years to get the job done, but at least they would show up!
I’ll call more Masons today and see what I can do.  I’ll stop complaining about that, for now.
Evan picked out some Midnight blue Irises.  They came in the mail Saturday.  He really wants to plant them.  Problem is, where can we plant them???  I wanted to put them in the front, along the front porch, but that isn’t going to work.  I guess we are going to have to pot them for now, that way we can at least keep them from being trampled.
Today, Evan and I will attempt to transplant some of the yarrow, just to insure some of it survives.  But, we’ll wait till this afternoon.  This morning we have inside chores to do.  He was so helpful yesterday!  Helped me with the laundry, dusting & even picked up his room without me asking! 

Tomorrow I have my last followup from the surgery, hopefully! I still haven’t completely regained feeling in my right thigh, but its not a big area so I imagine its not life threatening lol.  I am feeling pretty good overall, rarely any pain around in incision and the pain up where my gallbladder was is pretty much gone, only a twinge now and then.  So we’ll see what he says tomorrow.
The smoking thing is pretty much the same.  I still occasionally cheat with a real cigarette, but that seems to be only when Bill is around and then only a puff or two.  But I am really not using the e-cig all that much, which is pretty weird I think.  I use it more in the evening after Evan goes to bed.  Bill ordered more cartridges.  I am not sure why.  I still have 3  1/2 left. Maybe he got them for himself.  I hope so 🙂
Anyway, sitting here on my ass isn’t getting anything done and I do need to get to the post office this morning and do some Zumba!
See ya.

>The Money Pit

>Between Bill & Evan, my yard is now one big mud puddle.  Sam helped a bit too.  Bill has been digging out so he can put in a retaining wall in the back and then put in some brick pavers.  I am sure it will be nice.  However, now the yard is one huge mud puddle.  Evan and Sam are very happy with it.  I am not so happy.  I have no problem with mud puddles.  I like them.  I do prefer, however, that mud stay outside.  This is not happening.  I imagine that I will live, but I am still not happy about the mud being dragged into my house.
No Call, No Show, for the 2 contractors who were supposed to come by this weekend about the porch columns.  Figures.  I have found a few more to call, but this time they are all masons.  I don’t even want to think about how much they will want to charge. 
Bill has decided that he will probably call the roofer to come out and start this week, anyway.  We will just have to figure out the porch columns later.  I think, that if we supported the columns now, before the roofers start, we should be able to get away with waiting till the roof is done  to get the columns put back in place.  They are supporting the roof just fine at the moment, be we are pretty sure straightening them out and bringing them back to level, will involve completely ripping out the porch, & digging around the columns to expose the pillars.  The joys of home ownership.  When we filled out the forms for the historical society, they ask if your home has a name or what you would want it listed as.  I think usually they want the name of someone significant who has lived in the home.  We haven’t had anyone really important live here.  There was a butcher who lived here once, I bet alot of people at the time thought he was pretty important.  He died in the house, on my birthday, back in the ’30’s.  Anyway, we didn’t put down a name for the house, but I think I should change that.  I would like the plaque to read ‘1890 Money Pit’.  Because that is exactly what it is. 
Bill has presented me with about 19 colors that I have to pick 7 from.  I thought we were done with the colors for the outside.  I thought we settled on 4.  I thought wrong.  Bill has changed his mind.  He really thinks we can come up with 7 different colors for the exterior if we really apply ourselves.
I really don’t care at this point. As long as there is no blue, I’m good.  Unfortunately, the colors I like, he doesn’t.   There is only so much paintable space available on this house!  Why can’t the shingles count as a color?  or the Brick?  That would be brown and Red, great two colors already picked.  Oh I am just being cranky, I am sure we will figure it out.  But he’s asking someone who doesn’t like to shop, not at all.  Food shopping is okay, I really like food.  But I dislike all other shopping.
Oh, we did go to a few garage sales yesterday morning.  The very first one we went to, had Jazz Sneakers…in my size!!!! They fit great and had only been worn a couple of times.  Yay!  I got them for Zumba.  And for cheap!!!  I love cheap!  I also finally got the Zumba book & dvd I ordered.  I think I am going to like this DVD better.  It has 60 minutes of music on it.  I was playing the dvd yesterday and Evan was dancing around having a great time.  Bill was not so impressed.  He came downstairs and said he felt like he was in Miami.  LOL  I love it.  There are not many things I miss about Florida, but the music and awesome Cuban food are two of them.  Since Evan and I have a ton of cleaning to do today, I think we will listen to the very motivating latin music while we do.  Really loud.  It should confuse the neighbors,, heheheheheheheheh.
So that said, I am off to wage a losing battle against dust, mud and laundry 🙂

>Stopping Smoking Day 12, Allergies, Neti Pot, Masons & Zumba in a Haunted House

>Its like day 12 or so of the stop smoking saga, I am having a hard time keeping track lol. But, I am doing pretty good.  Now I am to where I can go without a real cigarette, but, I still occasionally want one.  Or just a puff or two of the real thing. It appears that my little experiment is working.  I switched the cartridge to the chocolate flavor, and it it so yummy.  I like it better than the vanilla one.  The vanilla one was great too.  The tobacco flavored one was pretty good, but I still don’t think it is tobacco flavor.  What flavor it is, is a mystery to me, but it is pretty good too. I have given myself one more week to cheat if I want to with real cigarettes and then no more. 

 One of the companies that we had set up to give us an estimate on the columns showed up yesterday.  Ninety minutes late and no call.  I hate that, I really do.  Before I get side tracked and start ranting about why I dislike tardiness, I’ll just get to what he said.  He said it can’t be done.  Simple as that.  Mudjacking will not work, Better fine a good mason.  Then he left.  He only looked briefly at the front of the house.  I would have preferred a bit more of an explanation.  The only reason I can think of, would be how the columns are made.  They are hollow inside, we think, and sitting on pillars of brick.  So, injecting  concrete under the pillars wouldn’t work.  But then, I don’t know, I am just guessing.  We do have a few other companies scheduled to come out, so we’ll see what they say.  I will in the mean time go ahead and call some masons to see what they have to say.  I already know that by going the mason route, its going to be pricey and very time consuming.  I do not want to wait 3 months for the roof.  I want it done now.  So I had this idea for Bill.
Use house jacks to jack up the porch, next to each column to get the porch roof up to level.  Then we can have the roofers do the roof and worry about the columns after.  We can’t wait on the roof, nor can we wait too long on the columns.  If we do the roof, before the columns, then we will be wasting money having the porch roof done.  Once we have the columns fixed, it would end up pushing the roof line up.  We’d have to have the roof rebuilt. 
I really think it can be done, as long as the roof is pushed up where it should be, before the roofers start.  Then the mason can take his time, rebuilding the pillars under the columns.  We already own 3 or 4 house jacks.  We had to have them when Bill first started working on the house and had to bring a couple of floors up to level.  Some idiot had sawed through a floor joist in the basement.  So that is where we stand on the roof/column/cluster F***. 
Have I mentioned that I am not all the fond of contractors????

Moving right along.  Aden was absolutely miserable yesterday!!!  I wasn’t too back until about 4:30 pm then the pollen started kicking my ass. Then I was miserable for the rest of the night.  It was so bad, the neti pot didn’t even work, but that was probably because I waited to long to use it. I am praying for rain today.  Just one day, with rain, so we can breath for a little while.

Nana & Papa should be here about dinner time to fetch Aden.  Evan is so excited that Aden is leaving, He packed Aden’s bags yesterday.  Brotherly Love, its such a beautiful thing. Evan thinks they should come and get Aden this morning.

About 3 weeks ago, the boys started telling me that there projector was coming on by itself.  Its this thing for babies that projects stars and moons on the ceiling or wall and play lullabies.  I’ve kept it because they really like it.
Anyway, so this projector appears to have taken on a life of its own.  I have even heard it start playing when no one is in their room.  I thought maybe since it was getting old, maybe the wiring was loose or something inside it.  Or that maybe it was playing if someone jumped or something to close to it.  The boys and I tried jumping next to it to see if it would start playing, it didn’t.  Sam doesn’t have thumbs so I am pretty confident that she isn’t turning it on.  Who knows maybe the ghosts just like Brahms.  Whatever the cause it is pretty amusing.  It goes off at the strangest times.

I am still doing the Zumba.  I still love it.  I have decided though, that while I love salsa music, I am not all that fond of HipHop.  Some of it is okay, but it just isn’t something I get all excited about.  So, I thought I would figure out my music to do Zumba too.  I have settled for now on Santana, because I have always loved Santana.  A little Aerosmith, I was pretty surprised that Walk this Way, works for Zumba. Those are my additions for now, other than those I’ll stick with the music that is typically used. 

I have started working on a new knitting project.  I am working on a hat with cat ears.  Dark gray with pale pink inside the ears.  The knit is very tight and I am worried that the hat may end up to small for the person I am making it for.  I might get to see this person in a couple of weeks, so I wonder how tacky it would be to go up and measure his head?  It seems a little strange, but since i am the one running around with a measuring tape, it may not seem that odd to the people I assault with it.  They all know  I am prone to odd behavior.  I am also having a little trouble with the band for the hat.  The light gray I had picked out looks a bit stupid, I may need to get another color or just do the band in the same gray as the rest of the hat.  I am sure I’ll figure it out, eventually.

Still haven’t been able to find out if Bill will be able to take off for Passover.  His mom wants to do it the 19th, but Bill has to work.  Somehow Fran has it in her head that she has to have the first or second day.  I can’t seem to convince her that it does last 7 or 8 days depending, and we could easily wait until Friday or Saturday to have the dinner.  Bill is off on Fridays, we could actually attend.  I would hate to miss passover, it is by far my favorite of all the Jewish holidays. 
I am sure we will figure that out too.  Its going to be a really long day.  The boys are going nuts waiting for Nana & Papa.  I should go work on laundry and get the rest of Aden’s stuff packed. 

>Day 6, 7 & 8 of Stopping smoking & How Zumba kicked my a$$

>Since I really don’t get a chance to blog on the days that Bill is off work, I’ll just do a combo for what all went on Friday & Saturday.
Just to recap, I have mostly been using the e-cig, with occasionally slipping in a real cigarette.  And by occasionally I mean maybe 1 or 2 whole cigs spread throughout the day.  I got the kit with the e-cig last Saturday, March 26th.  I have been on the same battery charge and the same cartridge since then.  One cartridge is supposed to be the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes.  So I think that is pretty good.  I am really surprised with how long the battery has lasted! Really surprised.  But I think that I will go ahead and recharge it today, I also think I am getting to the end of the cartridge and will need to change that too.  I think it would have lasted longer, but Bill was using it over the weekend too.  He tried to talk me into letting him take it to work.  He said he’d go get me a pack of cigarettes and he would take the e-cig.  Ah, No.  He is just going to have to get his own.  I will share it while he’s here, but he is not taking it to work. 
I did tell him that if he gets his own kit, I’d be happy to give him my Cherry favored cartridge for his Vanilla one.
But today will be the real test.  There are no real cigarettes here.  Just me and my e-cig.  I think that when I change the cartridge I will put in one of the 18mg cartridges to see if that works better.  Right now I am using a 14mg.  The only bad thing is I only have to 18mg cartridges. One is menthol and the other Tobacco flavored.  I would prefer the vanilla 🙂  But I am pretty sure it only comes in 14mg.  I’ll check the website to be sure.
Because I haven’t mentioned it before, i think I will let you know what company I got this e-cig from.  I didn’t want to do it, until I knew whether or not it was a piece of crap.  But since it is working, so far, as it is supposed to, I’ll dish.
I am using the South Beach Smoke E-cig.  I had gotten alot of recommendations for other companies, but I really didn’t want to mess with refilling cartridges and stuff.

Now for Zumba.
Wednesday I did 40 minutes and was very proud of myself, I loved it.  I loved it so much, that when Thursday rolled around I wanted to do it again.  Since I wasn’t sore at all from Wednesday, I figured it wouldn’t hurt.  Thursday I did 90 minutes and still loved it.  Still wasn’t really sore except for my feet.  But that was my own fault.  The sneakers I have are pretty bulky and made more for walking, not dancing.  It was such a pain to try and wear them, I just took them off.  It isn’t alot of pain or anything major, just my instep and the balls of my feet.  I have more appropriate shoes but they were all boxed up.  I’ll try using them next time.
Anyway, Friday, Bill had some errands to run so he took Evan with him and I  thought that since they were gone, I’d do some Zumba, maybe just an hour or so.
That just didn’t work out like I thought it would.
I have all the routines I like in the order I like to do them, so its pretty much easy to hard.
The first one I tried was just a one, two step, easy.  or it should have been.
I could not move.  My legs just wouldn’t go.  I am looking at the screen, I know how my legs should be moving, and yet they are not moving. Maybe I should stretch more.  Tried that, thought I was going to die.
But I kept trying, after stretching more, I tried again.  I was able to get my legs to move, but not so well.
I probably actually only did 20 minutes.  Then I just gave up.  I spent the rest of Friday, convinced that someone should just shoot me.  put me out of my misery.  As long as I didn’t move very much I was okay.  I have places that are sore where I didn’t even know I had muscles.  But yet, I still thought about doing Zumba.  I am convinced, its like crack.  But, at least now I am not doubting whether or not it actually working.  I have learned that, I really should stick to my original plan, to alternate Zumba, Pilates, yoga & Tae Bo. 
At least I can walk again.  You know you are really sore when it hurts more to walk down stairs than it does to walk up them.
Aden just asked if we are going to do Zumba today.  ROFLMAO.  Yeah Right.  Maybe Tuesday.  Or Tomorrow, but not today.
Today I am thinking, something a bit less traumatic, like Yoga.  Or maybe just laundry 🙂
Bill’s birthday weekend was not to shabby, all considered.  He got Chicken Marsala on Friday and Steaks yesterday.  The steaks were awesome!  I couldn’t not taste them.  I had to.  One little bite, they were oh so good. 
Bill took down the last peach tree and one of the pear trees.  It was sad, but they had to go.  They were right in the middle of back yard, and while I loved the shade from them, not to mention the free fruit, they were taking up too much room.  We want to have room for the dog & the boys to run, once the yard is fenced.  And we would like to get them a playset and with the trees were they were, there would not have been enough room.  So, he took those out and started digging for the retaining wall.  With the design he came up with, the boys & Sam will have plenty of room and I will still have lots of room to plant my gardens.  But the vegetable garden is going to be moved to the west side of the house.  But that has to wait until the roofers are done and the house next door is finally knocked down.  Speaking of roofers, we should see them on Tuesday.  Yay!!! Finally.  Let’s just hope the weather stays nice after Monday. 
Nana & Papa are thinking about taking Aden with them down to the lake when they go next week. We still haven’t told Aden, because they are still just talking about it.  He loves the lake, but I am pretty sure that Nana & papa won’t be doing all of the hiking we do when we go, actually I doubt if they will hike at all lol.
I had probably better get off here and get busy with my laundry before the storms roll in.  We tend to lose power pretty frequently if we get good storms.