How To Decorate a Victorian Home?

I’ve decided that I will stop worrying about the outside of the house for now.  I can’t do anything about Mother Nature.  The roof will be done when it gets done:)

So, instead of obsessing about things I can’t do anything about, at the moment, I think that I should start thinking about the inside of the house.  We have all of the original woodwork and most of the fixtures, but pulling it all together, is a real challenge for me.  I am very challenged, in the area of decorating.  I want things what look like they might have been around when the house was built, but I also need things that are sturdy and practical.  The boys are really hard on furniture, lol, not to mention the dog and cats.

So, let’s start with the master bedroom.  Right now, I have a very generic head-board & footboard, mis-matched dressers, 2 bookshelves and a nightstand.  Nothing matches.  The curtains are a bit on the tacky side as well.

I did find this site,  that has a lot of  the sort of nice furniture I have in mind, but some of it was just way to nice to even think about getting while the boys are still so young.

Have you ever been just looking around, with no intent to actually buy anything, and then, you see something, that you must have? 

That happened to me.  I think I must have seen about 200 things I must have, right now. I will of course, show Bill, but the odds are that right now with the roof being done, is not going to want to go on a shopping spree.  That’s why wish lists were created.:)  I can’t wait to show Bill and see what he thinks.  I have a feeling he would lean more towards the wood furniture, we will see.

I really like more simple things, when decorating.  Actually, I should probably say I would like more simple, tasteful things, if I did actually decorate.

There are just so many things I want!  Really beautiful, antique looking dressers and night stands, that if the boys ever move out, I want!

So, If I am getting a new bed, I am going to need new bedding.  Found some!

Did you know she had bedding?  I had no idea, but I like it.  I love the prices!  Really, I love them.  I think I paid more for the set I am using now, and it is not half as nice.  I am a beige, browns and red sort of person, but I really don’t like having to pay outrageous amounts for a bedding set that is going to see a lot of use.  Looking that those reminded me that,  I have a wedding present to buy.  I really don’t know what I should get the happy couple.  Comforter set?  I don’t think I really know their tastes well enough to pick out sheets.  But, maybe something useful?  How about  I know a lot of people who need laptop desks.   If I owned a laptop, I would want one. 

Picking out gifts for other people is difficult.  I have a hard time picking things out for myself.  At least I was able to get several good ideas, that I can sit down and discuss with Bill.  Plus, I am not thinking about rain.