Biggest Blizzard in Two Years?

Well, as of about 10 minutes ago, we are now expected to get between 8 and 14 inches of snow.  Lovely.  This is probably all my fault.  I told Bill the other day it would be nice if the boys got a chance to use the sleds they got for the holidays.  Oops.  I guess this means they will cancel school and I’ll be trapped  get to stay, in the house will the boys for the duration of the storm.  I  hope we don’t lose power.  Although if there is going to be ice accumulations, we probably will.  I wonder how long a battery on a DSi will last?  

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my boys, and I am sure the first 4 hours or so, of sitting around in a freezing cold house, with no electricity, is going to be a blast.  We can play board games.  They boys love fighting over  playing those.  Then, we can read.  We probably have about 300 children’s books in the house.  I bet they can’t find anything to read.  They can spend an hour or two complaining that their isn’t anything to eat.  I won’t have that problem.  I have tons of kale and other misc veggies to eat.  Speaking of which, I really recommend that everyone try bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, cauliflower and zucchini for breakfast.  Raw,of course, that way you can enjoy them all day. It is so awesome!  You too can be light-headed and gassy:)

Had an awesome day yesterday!  The boys had the day off, so my sister-in-law brought the girls up and they stayed the day.  I guess I should go get some work done:)

Ah Phooey!

Well,  a few days into all of the diet changes and I am not a happy camper!  I know I should stick to the diet so I won’t have to go on a medication to lower my cholesterol, but the foods I am not supposed to eat are the ones I really want.

My diet was sad enough before.  But, giving up cheese?  how cruel is that!.  Very!  I love cheese.  Cheese is good.  Fat has flavor.  I was surviving without meat.  I wasn’t happy, but I was used to not being able to eat it very often.  Now, not at all.

But, I would really rather not have a heart attack and drop dead,  Which, leads me to another scary train of thought.  If I eat a basically low-fat diet & my blood pressure is perfect but, my cholesterol  scary high, what does this mean for my brothers?  Who I know just eat whatever fat filled thing they want.  I don’t want them to have heart attacks either!  Apparently this is hereditary, and I get it from both sides.  My mom’s side has a history of everyone dropping dead before they are 57 and first heart attacks between the age of 40 &  43.  Dad had his fatal one at 33.  That just doesn’t look real great for me.  But, then I am surprised I am alive now.  But, I am worried about the boys, my brothers.

So, I replaced my delicious coffee creamers, with light vanilla soy milk.  Oh yippie.  Not impressed.  It isn’t bad, but it didn’t really ring any bells for me either.  Right now, my coffee only has my Truvia in it.  I would be lost without the Truvia.  Sugar was hard to give up.

Other than that, I guess everything is fine. Oh and my darling husband is finishing up the living room wall!  There should be a TV mounted on it this weekend:)  Now, if I can just convince him to paint that wall red!!!