Happy Dance on a Snow Day

Happy Dance on a Snow Day

Today is yet another snow day.  It appears all of the weather folks got it wrong when they said we wouldn’t get but 2-4 inches total up here.  It is still snowing.  It is supposed to snow the rest of the day into tomorrow morning.  I got this information from NOAA.  Apparently, only NOAA really knows what is going on with the weather.

Whatever, no worries.  If the wind dies down a little, I’ll  make the boys go out and build us a fort:)  I have plenty of empty coffee can’s I have saving that will work great on this nice wet snow.

In other news, the jobs are really flooding in!  I did get the 150 article contract, and the folks from the Boston job asked if I would be willing do some more work for them.  Ah, yeah!  Like I would say no!  And, I am talking to a lady in Devonshire, England about writing for her magazine!  I am so loving this staying home and writing and getting paid to do it!  It is Perfect for me.

Bill was a little less than enthusiastic about it.  When I told him, he said, ‘yeah’.  That was his entire response.  I know he rarely pays attention to what I say, which is understandable, since I talk all the time.  But, the least he could have done was a ‘that’s great’ to it.:)  Oh well, we can’t have everything.  I am too proud of myself at the moment to be upset that he isn’t.  He might not have been paying attention enough to even register what I said.  I posted it on Facebook, maybe he will read that.  He doesn’t usually read my posts and never my blog, so it’s hard to tell.  Maybe he’ll notice next year at tax time, when I have income to report lol.  As for now, I’ll just do my thing and enjoy it.  I think his problem with the whole writing thing is, I am not getting a check with a set amount every week.  I think that is what he would really like to see, but we can’t do that right now.  The boys are too young to be left alone at home, we only have one vehicle, which limits us to where I can work.  It would have to be within walking distance.  It also has to be extremely flexible with my hours.  I can’t work before 8:15 am, I have to take the boys to the bus stop and have time to walk wherever I was working.  I must be home by 3:30 pm, to get them off the bus.  Except twice a month, when I need to be home by 2:15 pm because of early release. I can’t work nights or weekends.  I also need to have every day the school is out off.  That is a bit much to ask of an employer.  I have, and guess what, they can find someone else, without all the demands I have.

So, for me, staying home and writing freelance, works best.  Yeah, I may not get credit for some of the things I do (ghost writing) but I will get paid and I’ll be here for the boys and Bill when he is home.

That works for me.

Winter Storm Rocky

Winter Storm Rocky

We are naming snow storms now.  When did that happen?  Was there a memo I missed?  It is just snow.  It is winter.  I really don’t understand the panic.  Maybe it is because I lived in Alaska for long enough to know that 10 inches or even a foot of snow, really isn’t a lot snow.  When they start talking about 8-10 feet of snow, I may panic.  Well, probably not.  If you don’t like snow, or unpredictable weather, I would suggest that you move south.   This is the Midwest.  Our weather is unpredictable at times, but generally you can expect some sort of snow, during what we like to call ‘winter’.

Panic at Wal-Mart.

We ran to Wal-Mart because Bill was going to look for some cable thing to hook up one of his game systems for the boys.  I wanted to look at yarn and see if maybe the snow boots and heavy coats had gone on clearance yet, since they are dragging out all the spring/summer clothes.  They were cheaper, just not my target price of $1.00.  Lol, I know the coats & boots won’t go down that far, but a gal can hope:)  Anyway, we were just putzing around.  Hanging out at Wal-Mart is on the top-10 list of things to do here.  Anyway.

I can understand needing to run to the store, just in case, to get maybe some bread or milk or something you may run out of.  However, do you really need 6 cases of bottled water, two carts of food and one of everything they have in the store? Wal-Mart was wiped out!  The shelves were looking a little bare.

Usually, around mid-September or so, we do a major shopping.  Stock up on canned goods, baking goods, all that good stuff that is handy to have around the house, so you don’t go and spend $200 a week on groceries.  I do the same sort of shopping again before summer.  Why?  So, when the TV stations start encouraging people to run and stock up on food, because the roads will be terrible, I don’t have to go.  I don’t really care for shopping anyway.

The boys do indeed have school today.  The storm isn’t projected to hit until after 3 pm which is right before they get released from school anyway.  However, they seem to have some trouble actually pin-pointing the minute a storm will hit, so if it hits and if it hits like last time, it will be really nasty before they get home.  I just would hate to be out walking the dogs, and they need a very long walk after being cooped up, and they release the kids early.  No, cell phone.  But I am seriously thinking I should get one.  But, if I get one, people may call me.  Worse, they may text me.  I don’t want to text.  Texting doesn’t make sense.  You have a phone in your hand, just call and tell them.  Don’t worry about interrupting something.  No one has any manners anymore or pays attention to much, if they have a cellphone.  Usually, that is their entire focus.  I find that, very annoying.

I really, really, can’t possible express, how much I dislike, texting.  Why is everyone suddenly so important, that they can’t pay attention to the people they are physically with?  I wonder if they make cell phones without texting?  I don’t see the point, you are, after all holding a phone.  Since we are on the subject of stuff that annoys me, let’s talk about cell phones and dinner.

When did it become okay to talk on the phone during dinner?  If it is dinner at my house, we are not going to chat.  If I know you, I’ll tell you we are having dinner, I’ll call you back.  If I don’t, I won’t pick up.  I also am not going to be checking facebook and texting my buddies during dinner.  On a side note, I know people who do this, during big family dinners.  The whole family is gathered around the table, and they have their flippin’ phone next to them, texting.  RUDE.  What happened to manners?  Are manners one of those things are policically incorrect now?  Should we just not act in a respectful and courteous manner?  I could probably go on for days about manners.  But, not today.  Today, I have work to do.

I signed up with a freelance company right after InfoArmy decided to stop paying people, see that blog for details.  I didn’t get much from them, but I did get an assignment about a week ago.  A small article for a women’s magazine and all of the sudden I am flooded with offers?  I signed a contract and within 12 hours, I had 8 more offers.?!?!?!?  Huh?  I did get two interesting ones this morning.  A ghost writing one and one for 150 articles.  The article one will end up being long term they said, after the inital 150.   I would love for something like that to pan out.  Being able to stay home and write, would have to be # 3 on my dream job list.  Number 2, is having enough money that I can open a used book store and let people trade in books, and never worry about the store actually making money:)  Of course, my number one dream job was taken by Indian Jones and there is no way you could get a bullwhip through airport security anymore.  So, I guess that’s not going to happen for me:)

Had to dig a path for the boys to get to the bus stop this morning.  That was fun.  I must be getting old, my knees are killing me.  I didn’t give them much of of path, just enough to get to the curb and someplace to stand and wait.  We are expecting more snow today, who knows how much.

I am glad for the moisture, we need it.  But, I have a really great pair of new boots and I want to wear them somewhere, but they are suede.

That’s all for now folks, I am off to peruse my offers and see what I can get done before the crazy kids get home.  🙂  Please stay off the roads tonight and tomorrow.  Don’t make me write about you! 🙂











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