Friday the 13th

Since I was about 12 or so, I have loved Friday the 13th.  Not just the movies, which I really did love, but the day itself!  It became a tradition for me to have a Friday the 13th sleepover when I was in Junior High and high school.  Lots of soda, chips, rotel cheese dip, and equally cheesy horror movies.  We would usually start the movie marathon with, of course, Friday the 13th.   Good Times!!  Then one year, I discovered, the movies of Bruce Campbell.  Evil Dead, then became a staple at my little get togethers, even though I think I was the only one who really thought they were hysterical:)

From the first time I saw Ash, I was hooked.  My obsession with Bruce Campbell has continued to this day.  He is my go to man, when I need a lift.  I mean really, if you think you are having a bad day, check out any of the Evil Dead movies or Army Of Darkness.  Ash will make you reconsider, how bad you think your day is/has gone. 

So, today, I will keep up the tradition and whip out some Ash movies tonight.  I’m getting way to old to stay up till 3 am watching movies.  Okay, let’s just be honest here, 10 pm is staying up really late for me now:)  So I will probably just pick one and be happy.  When I want full on comedy from Mr. Campbell, I watch Bubba Ho-tep.  Priceless.  Yes, I do believe I have just about every movie he has ever made.  I like Burn Notice, I even enjoyed Alien Apocalypse.  So sue me. 

Today, I think I will need the comfort that only Ash can provide.  I have to go in for my 2nd mammogram this morning.  They found some troubling spots on my last one, so we will go and see what we can see.  But, like last time, I will have to wait a week or so for the results. I am trying not to get all worked up.  I am clinging to statistics, like a drowning man to a life-preserver.  80% of women recalled for additional images are shown to have benign or mostly benign lumps, spots, whatever you want to call them.  I’ll go with that.  I tend to be pretty average in most cases:)

The upside, and there almost always is, is that I will be able to walk my butt over to Wal-mart and actually shop for a while, ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!  Woo hoo!  That is something that hasn’t happened in 6 years!  I’ll just call Bill when I am almost done to come and pay & load up the car.  Alone in a store, omg, this is like a record-setting day. Then, Bill is covering for another supervisor at work on Sunday, so he doesn’t go in till 8pm.  And then Monday, he doesn’t go in till 4pm.  Thats like 4 days off with him, for me & the boys:)  We’ll have BBQ ribs to celebrate.

Still no roofers.  The rain hasn’t been too heavy so I think we may be able to skate by till they show up, which hopefully, will be Monday.  I think I will do a little gardening.  I have about 200 English Lavender seeds that I would like to get planted, and I think I have finally figured out where to put them.  And its a place where the roofers won’t be trampling it.  That is if it doesn’t rain.  We are currently under a flood warning, and the river is expected to crest today.  Not that it really affects me directly, I’m on a big ol’ hill.  But still.

So I am off to go get ready to get squished again.  Wal-Mart and Library are the only other errands for the weekend.  I’ll probably post more after the appointment:)