Walmart Sucks

WooHoo- I have physical therapy today~

Just kidding, I would rather not go. I may feel okay when I get there, but I feel like crapolo when I leave.

Mr. B. is wondering if there is a point to going at all.

It is a very good point. The point being to teach me how to stay balanced for the most part, even when my brain gets wrong information- muscle memory.

In theory, it is supposed to work. I have been told I look like I am walking better and not so much like I am in immediate danger of tilting over. Although, I do walk a bit like Grape Ape- if you are old enough to remember him.

Moving on- we have things to do today!


Have seen a slight increase in traffic over at the health blog, but not what I had wanted (something about CRT- I don’t know what that means). I guess I will keep plugging away and eventually we’ll get there.

Canned up some peppers for Mr. B, yesterday morning and with my bowl full of extra peppers, a couple of onions and about 6 cucumbers made some cucumber salsa. Which turned out different than I thought it would. I was thinking it would be a light refreshing sort of deal. Some how, it is more than a little twangy and a little bit spicy, but I am not sure why. I only used 4 or maybe it was 6 of the Japanese chili peppers for the whole batch. Whatever, it is still good. A-man liked it but he said it tasted like pickle salsa. I tried to explain that would be called relish. It started a whole deal that lasted about 20 minutes and ended in a draw.

And Doc wonders why I have TMJ- spend a day with me buddy, it will all become clear.

In other news it rained and poured and was awesome!!! Peppers are exploding and it looks like the tomatoes are going for another round.

I am out of Jars again and we bought 2 cases last time. I wonder if I can (pun intended) buy stock in Ball?

P.S. Walmart sucks. Their ‘canning’ jars, suck too. Don’t fit in my rack, the rings are all cheap, and of course made in China. I could have saved about $10 and bought them myself from China directly. Had to reprocess them twice! All of them. Only time that has happened this year. Won’t be buying them again.

So, now I am a canning snob.

In pursuit of more traffic for the health blog’s Facebook page, I just shared One Direction fan page. I apparently have no shame. At least my nieces will be proud of me. Lol

That is about it for now, I am off to go see if I can be all brilliant and whatnot then off for a torture session and finishing off the day with some lab work.

And people say I don’t know how to have fun ūüėČ



Frustrated Again!

So, I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday with the cardiac nurse and a nutritionist. ¬†They were helpful, and just as baffled as I am. ¬†My cholesterol levels should not be as high as they are with the diet I am on. ¬†Even worse than that is my triglycerides being almost 3 times what they should be. ¬†Currently, because of the adhesions and the risk of an intestinal blockage caused by them, I am on a very high fiber diet. ¬†I don’t eat meat very often. ¬†I just can’t digest it. ¬†I usually eat salad or raw vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, Bulgar, nuts and seeds. ¬†So, what am I doing wrong? ¬†The Helpful nurses think it may be my choice of whole grains and other high fiber foods. ¬†Oh Yippie! ¬†What should I eat now? ¬†Apparently, nothing. ¬†Oh Joy, of Joys! ¬†On the plus side, I plan on having a huge garden this year and I’ll just make gallons of salsa and just eat that with a spoon!

I have found that I really do like kale instead of lettuce on my salads, so I think I’ll try growing some of that. ¬†My herbs that I started in the kitchen have all spouted and I am so happy! ¬†Bill said he would make me shelves over the south-facing kitchen window and I can plant tons of herbs and mesclun lettuces to have year round. ¬† That window is so narrow and in such an odd spot, this is about all it would be food for anyway.

I am searching for fun things to do with the boys for Valentine’s day since it will be just us tomorrow night. ¬†Once again, Bill has to work. ¬†But, then I don’t think he has ever had a Valentine’s Day off. ¬†The boys have a four day weekend, so maybe we can do something fun. ¬†¬†

But, somehow I doubt if it will involve all the delicious fatty foods I love:)

Ah Phooey!

Well, ¬†a few days into all of the diet changes and I am not a happy camper! ¬†I know I should stick to the diet so I won’t have to go on a medication to lower my cholesterol, but the foods I am not supposed to eat are the ones I really want.

My diet was sad enough before. ¬†But, giving up cheese? ¬†how cruel is that!. ¬†Very! ¬†I love cheese. ¬†Cheese is good. ¬†Fat has flavor. ¬†I was surviving without meat. ¬†I wasn’t happy, but I was used to not being able to eat it very often. ¬†Now, not at all.

But, I would really rather not have a heart attack and drop dead, ¬†Which, leads me to another scary train of thought. ¬†If I eat a basically low-fat diet & my blood pressure is perfect but, my cholesterol ¬†scary high, what does this mean for my brothers? ¬†Who I know just eat whatever fat filled thing they want. ¬†I don’t want them to have heart attacks either! ¬†Apparently this is hereditary, and I get it from both sides. ¬†My mom’s side has a history of everyone dropping dead before they are 57 and first heart attacks between the age of 40 & ¬†43. ¬†Dad had his fatal one at 33. ¬†That just doesn’t look real great for me. ¬†But, then I am surprised I am alive now. ¬†But, I am worried about the boys, my brothers.

So, I replaced my delicious coffee creamers, with light vanilla soy milk. ¬†Oh yippie. ¬†Not impressed. ¬†It isn’t bad, but it didn’t really ring any bells for me either. ¬†Right now, my coffee only has my Truvia in it. ¬†I would be lost without the Truvia. ¬†Sugar was hard to give up.

Other than that, I guess everything is fine. Oh and my darling husband is finishing up the living room wall!  There should be a TV mounted on it this weekend:)  Now, if I can just convince him to paint that wall red!!!