Frustrated Again!

So, I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday with the cardiac nurse and a nutritionist.  They were helpful, and just as baffled as I am.  My cholesterol levels should not be as high as they are with the diet I am on.  Even worse than that is my triglycerides being almost 3 times what they should be.  Currently, because of the adhesions and the risk of an intestinal blockage caused by them, I am on a very high fiber diet.  I don’t eat meat very often.  I just can’t digest it.  I usually eat salad or raw vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, Bulgar, nuts and seeds.  So, what am I doing wrong?  The Helpful nurses think it may be my choice of whole grains and other high fiber foods.  Oh Yippie!  What should I eat now?  Apparently, nothing.  Oh Joy, of Joys!  On the plus side, I plan on having a huge garden this year and I’ll just make gallons of salsa and just eat that with a spoon!

I have found that I really do like kale instead of lettuce on my salads, so I think I’ll try growing some of that.  My herbs that I started in the kitchen have all spouted and I am so happy!  Bill said he would make me shelves over the south-facing kitchen window and I can plant tons of herbs and mesclun lettuces to have year round.   That window is so narrow and in such an odd spot, this is about all it would be food for anyway.

I am searching for fun things to do with the boys for Valentine’s day since it will be just us tomorrow night.  Once again, Bill has to work.  But, then I don’t think he has ever had a Valentine’s Day off.  The boys have a four day weekend, so maybe we can do something fun.   

But, somehow I doubt if it will involve all the delicious fatty foods I love:)