Beware of Half Naked Samurai’s with Blind Cats

What do a Samurai sword, a blind cat and Ben Wah balls have in common? I don’t know, but I can imagine some scenarios.  None of which, I can actually share on this blog without changing the rating to adult.

Lawrence police say they have now arrested  31-year-old Blake Robert Hurd,  after two connected and strange crimes. According to Sgt. Trent McKinley, this is what happened.  However, these are not exactly his words.  

Sunday evening, in the picturesque college town of Lawrence, Kansas, a cat burglar was on the prowl.

The first stop Blake made was a mobile home, where he broke in and stole, according to police, a Japanese style sword, a blind cat named Freddie and a pair of Ben Wah balls.

Later in the day, police were called to another residence where the owners said a half naked, sword wielding, blind cat and Ben Wah ball carrying man, broke in and raided their fridge and ate their food.  Apparently, he had worked up an appetite.  Freddie the cat, the sword and the Ben Wah balls have all been returned to their owner, who sounds like a very fascinating fellow.  It was unclear what the condition  of the returned items were.  Mr. Hurd has been charged with four counts.   What he was charged with, exactly, was also unclear.

I really hope this is one of those trials that gets a lot of media attention.  This could really up ratings.  I would certainly watch.  This story just has a little something for everyone.  I do have to wonder, exactly what made Blake take those items?  Did he have master plan?  Did he know to target those mobile homes?  What did he want with a blind cat?

This story just leaves us with many question, few answers and hope that Freddie didn’t suffer any long-term damage.

Our thoughts are with you, Freddie as you struggle to find meaning in all this.  Stay Strong Freddie.

I’ll keep you posted on this one:)