Save Us From Stupid People!

The winter storm that hit the Midwest yesterday, should not have been a surprise to anyone.  I wouldn’t have thought.  It’s  been on the news now for over a week and every single day, they updated the forecast.  Why then are the highways littered with vehicles?  Are all of the these people, so important, that they had to be on the road?  The Governor’s of both Kansas and Missouri, told people to Stay HOME.  The Department’s of Transportation told people to stay HOME.  Not to attempt to go anywhere, because the roads would become impassable.  I do understand that some people just can not go to work.  But, if the city government’s and local military base go to Emergency and Essential personnel only, I think that should give most people a day off.  My husband had to work.  Which I thought was pretty stupid.  But what do I know.  The National Guard had to be called out yesterday to rescue stranded motorists.  The National Guard.  It was a foot of SNOW.  Stay home, wait and it will melt eventually.  I know the hundreds of people who were stranded can’t possible all be emergency workers. I know of one person who just had to go out to get blueberries.  They were on sale.  Now, I am a big fan of sales, but most grocery stores will run their sales for at least 4 days if not a week.  Apparently, the ‘STAY HOME’ warnings didn’t apply to emergency trips for blueberries.

Guess, what?  That person was in an accident almost immediately.  Shocking right?  You won’t believe what happened when this person called the police.  Nothing.  They told this person that they were too busy.  This person was outraged!  How Dare they! 

I just need a minute.

I am continually amazed at how self-absorbed people are.  As if, they are the only person on the planet and the world revolves around them.  I used the above person as one small example, but it is an epidemic.  A month or so back, when there was literally, an epidemic of RSV in small children in the greater KC area, someone I know was taken to the ER and was offended at how poor the care was.  They didn’t even give her a room in the ER, she had to wait in the hallway on a bed.  Then, when she was admitted for tests, she again did not get a room.  At this time, there was not a bed to be found, in any hospital in KC.  The hospitals were FULL of very sick babies.  It had been on the news every day.  I just don’t understand how people can so distance themselves from the real world.  I understand unplugging for a while, but to be so unaware, is completely beyond my apparent understanding.

I was amazed to learn, how many people were not aware we were expecting snow and were completely surprised.  People, you live in the Midwest.  It is winter.  Snow is not unheard of.  People just frustrate me.

As for us, the boys and I stayed home, read books, cooked, played in the snow, played Transformers and Ninja Turtles and wrestled.  And laughed.  I finally had to turn off the TV, because all that was on, was the continuous coverage of the terrible storm that shut down two states.  You would have thought it was the end of the world.  I finally turned the TV off after my 6-year-old told me it wasn’t nice to laugh at those people.  I was laughing at a guy who ran off the road, trying to get to McDonald’s.  He was being interviewed and was very upset that no one could come and pull him out of the ditch, so he could get a McRibb and some fries.

So, here I sit, listening to the reporters talk about how terrible the storm was, how many motorists are stranded and the efforts being made to rescue them.

I think I’ll go build a snow fort.


Thunder Snow!

First off, we seriously need the moisture this storm is bringing.  However, I hate that Bill has to work.  Just about every school in the Midwest is closed.  It just started to snow about 7 am  and by 7:45 am everything is already covered and it had become very hard to see.  Bill has, normally, about a 40-45 minute drive north to get to work.  The road is not a major highway and one of the last to get plowed.  That’s the one he takes.  Hopefully, there won’t be much traffic this morning.  But, to be really honest, I don’t expect him home tonight.  I don’t see that the roads will be cleared by the time he gets off work, which could be between 11 pm and 3 am (yeah, I know he just left, he has to be in this morning at 9 am).  With that in mind, I made him a huge lunch/dinner:)

Yesterday, I made bread.  The boys ate 1/2 the loaf, which was fine, I make really good bread.  Bill found it when he came home last night, so he ate more of it, lol.  Anyway,  I sliced the rest of that up & buttered it, with real butter, for him to take today.  I also put in  gumbo, an orange, can of mackerel, can of Kipper, can of some Gouda Bisque soup, chicken breast & pepper jack sandwich, Pastrami & Swiss sandwich, 2 packets of oatmeal, 1 bag of popcorn, an orange and a peanut butter chocolate bar.  Oh NO, I just realized I didn’t get him anything to drink!  Well, it is a grocery warehouse, surely they have drinks.  I also made him take an emergency blanket, gloves, mask and his heavy boots.   I guess now I just have to wait.  I won’t panic until 9 am.  This is one of those rare times, when I actually think I should have a cell phone.  If  we lose power, and they are predicting we will,  I lose my phones too.  We have VOIP,  Vonage specifically and I normally love it because I can call  my brother in Germany whenever I want and talk for hours for free.  Worse case today, I guess, I could wander next door.  I am so lucky to have a good friend that lives next door & she has a cell phone:)  Maybe if we lose power, we can get together and see what kind of feast we can come up with that doesn’t need cooked!  I have veggies:)

Now television reception is spotty.  We don’t have cable or satellite, I think it’s a waste of money.  No one should watch that much tv.  Read a book.  Do something constructive.  So, we have whatever stations that come in through the antenna.  We do have Netflix, which I love.  So I am not completely anti-entertainment.

On to other news.  This Diet is Terrible!!!!!!  I am hungry and cranky and I want chocolate!   Today, I was supposed to go see my doctor.  Unless, I take the sled to his office, I don’t think I’ll be seeing him today.  I could get there, just not back up the hill lol.  But, as miserable as I am, I suppose it will be worth it if it fixes everything.  One the plus side, I am losing weight really quickly.  So, now nothing fits.  Which I guess is sort of okay, since I did gain weight the first time I quit smoking.  But, I don’t think I should lose anymore.  I like the jeans I have.  Still not smoking, no nicotine at all.  Wow, I just realized it’s been almost 2 months now!

Okay, I am done rambling 🙂  If you are out & about today in this mess, be safe!