How Bizarre

Have you ever had one of those nights where your dreams are just remarkably bizarre?

Between bouts of getting up to pee- lovely side affect of new med to keep the tilt-a-whirl, tilting less, I had weird dreams of vikings in my doctors office and then Sam – the dog- talking to me about how she doesn’t appreciate the lack of trust and she promises not to break any more windows, the kennel is just not necessary.
That was just one, I am getting up about every 2-3 hours, so each one was more crazy.
Really weird is after the dream about Sam lecturing me, she comes in the bathroom, sits down in front of me and then winks at me.
I think I need therapy.

So, I was doing some research on service dogs and I can’t seem to find one that is both a hearing and a balance dog. But, there are quite a few people who are deaf because of Meniere’s, so what is up with that? I refuse to be trapped at home and never leave because I will fall over or because I can’t hear. My left ear works pretty good for now.
But, from what I was reading, the preferred dogs for balance are Great Danes or Labs- the reason, from what I was reading was you need a strong dog. Duh, but I have two very strong dogs and Sam is really smart, but she isn’t as big as Kenya who is pushing the scales at a very stout 72 pounds of Staffordshire terrified.
Sam is only 48-50 depending on how much running she does. So, while Kenya would be the stronger, she doesn’t have the temperament – Sam does have the brains and the temperament- but not the build.
Then there is the issue of training.
Moving on.
Took a break to take the boys to the bus stop. Longest trip ever! First off I did take the cane, the boys wanted me to take my Gandolf staff, but for now I will only use that in the yard. Anyway, so every can see me with the cane – embarrassing. Plus, when anyone would ask what happened- one of my lovely sons, was very happy to shout out that ‘mommy kept falling when she was making pear jam’. Thanks buddy.
He is running for Student Council and has aspirations of politics. We should probably have a discussion about ‘need to know’, ‘over sharing’,and ‘TMI’.Also, the walk home took flippin’ forever, brick sidewalks.
Off to work now, for as long as I can stand the tilt-a-whirl, if my computer monitor would hold still, things would be much easier lol.

Countdown to a Good Friday

Holy Moly folks, I have been up to ears in work!  That would be why, you have heard much from me lately.  It isn’t that I don’t have a ton to rant about, I am finding more crap everyday, I just have not had time!  Now I do like being busy, don’t get me wrong, but with 5 now 6 jobs going at once, finding time to get those done and still juggle the whole house & kids thing, I am just finding it hard to squeeze my little bit therapy here in .  So here is a condensed version. I am liking the Australian gig, but the time difference is a pain in the ass.  Its tomorrow  there, when its today here.  Makes it a little confusing when you are told your deadline is friday then get a message saying where is your article – Thursday morning.  I did get it in on time, plus the 2 articles that have US- Time deadlines of Friday and Sat.  Those are done.  The the big secret project- I have both drafts done and should be able to finish those off quite easily.  I wanted to get all of these done, so I could goof off this weekend.  But, then I ended up taking another job this afternoon.  This one sounds pretty good, and as an added bonus, the guy is an America!  Not that I have anything against anyone who isn’t American, I just like that I won’t have to really think about how I am wording anything I send to him.  You can’t imagine the issues the word ‘pop’ caused.  They just insisted that I couldn’t use that verb to refer to a drink.  *sign* 

So, this will be better, I just need to make sure I get what he needs done, quickly.  I would much rather dump a couple of the other jobs and keep this one and 2 others I actually enjoy.  Anyway, I should get off here and go get the boys fed so I can get started on this  new thing.  Have a Safe weekend and stop sending me hate mail about Kenya, I am not getting rid of her.