Week 2 of the Rebuild, Mother Nature Is Bi-Polar

Why is it that Monday’s suck?  Really, I don’t get it.  My week technically starts on Sunday, so you would think that the day the week starts for you, would be the day that sucks.  Apparently, that’s just not the case.  Mother’s Day was okay.  It’s not like we actually could celebrate it, because Bill had to work.  The boys fought and argued, just like they do every day.  The dog and cat, got into an altercation.  That actually went a little better than normal.  There wasn’t that much blood.  Maybe it was the heat that had everyone acting cranky. Probably not.  I suspect that Mama cat is just cranky because she is old and fat and has never really had what I would call a sunny or friendly disposition.  She used to be young, skinny and cranky.

So, the contractor will be here today.  Hopefully, he will be followed by a couple of trucks full of roofers.  That may or may not happen, depending on how he want to play it this week.  Mother Nature is Bi-Polar.  Or Maybe she’s not bi-polar, maybe its menopause. Whatever the case, I can’t figure out what I personally did to piss her off.  She just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with this whole roof re-build project. Chris, the contractor, would like 4 days, to tear off, re-deck, re-build, shingle, flash, etc. He wanted to start that part today.  But, the forecast is calling for some nasty storms to blow through here starting Wednesday and going into Thursday.  The soffits and fascia are mostly done, but we don’t have gutters.  If it pours, we may have just wasted about $10,000 in materials and labor.  He needs to either get someone out here to jerry-rig some gutters or get the roof banged out.  Something.  At this point, I would be happy with the entire house being covered with tarps.  But they would probably need to nail them down.  We get some pretty strong winds, and 70 mph gust are not unusual. I reckon I’ll find out in an hour or so.

Moving right along.  I am really loving the extreme Zumba.  But, I still can’t do a full hour of that yet.  So I am doing about 20 minutes of that and then walking.  I do the regular Zumba for an hour on alternate days.  But I still love it.  I just love that the boys love it too.  Even the dog, seems to enjoy it:)

So, a neighbor came by yesterday after and saw Monkey cat outside laying on the railing.  She said, “oh what a lovely little baby”, she then leaned over to try to pet Monkey and Monkey Hissed and took a swipe at her.  She missed getting mauled by about 1/2 inch.  She then said,”vicious little bastard.” To which I replied, “well that what you get for being all fuzzy and nice.”  She didn’t think it was as funny as I did.  Monkey is not usually like that.  She doesn’t like people, but she usually just runs off.  I guess she is starting to take after her mother.  I wonder what it says about me, if anything.  Maybe Monkey just didn’t like her:) I’m not a fan, but then I am not much of a people person:)

Anyway, I better go get my Zumba on, better to do it now, before it gets too hot.