Up To My Eye Balls In Tomatoes

Fresh from the Garden

Fresh from the Garden

With the combination of that late snow in May, the garden has been very slow to produce, so has everyone’s. But, once it did, it has not stopped or slowed down in the slightest!.

B- went a bit crazy with the tomato plants this year and from February to late May, one room up stairs was turned into a nursery for tomatoes and pepper plants.

We only planted Roma and grape tomatoes and 4 kinds of peppers; Poblano, Cubanelle, Bell and Banana. All of which are now producing more than I can keep up with.

B- had decided that with so many tomatoes plants we wouldn’t have room for green beans- so he planted them along the outside of the fence (before we bought the lot, but it was still on our property). Two very long rows of green and yellow beans. Which didn’t do so well until recently. The sun and the rain have made them take off. I think so far I have put up 20 + pounds of beans.

In mid July, I found some old cucumber seeds and let the boys have them and then forgot all about them. I have never had much success, but apparently they have the magic touch, I have a lot of cucumbers all of the sudden.

So I have pickled and canned and spent a good amount of time on the kitchen (sometimes on the floor) discussing philosophy with the dogs or Mama Cat, who ever happens to be hanging out.

I have figured out that I need a rolling cart, something along the lines of rolling butcher block, so that I am not turning so much when I can. B said he can make one of those, he is very handy to have around ūüėČ

Today, I am going to try out a Cucumber Salsa recipe, before I post it on the health-recipes-fitness site. I did find a recipe like it, but it called for almost 2 cups of sugar to 4 diced cucumbers- can we say sugar shock!

So, I have tweaked it a bit and we’ll see.

The pressure is almost gone in the right ear, but now it feels like it is building up in my left. Sort of like the pressure you feel when you fly on a plane- that pressure that makes you want to pop your ears, except I can’t pop them.

So, all I can really do is work around it and try and focus on those clients that are important to me and farm out the rest- which is probably a very good thing in the long run. I really want to devote more time to the health-recipes blog and with so many clients, I just don’t feel like it is getting the attention it truly deserves.

Besides, there is just no reason now for me to work for people I don’t like. Which sadly means that I will be down to only Australian, Canadian and one single American client (although, I think he may actually be a Canadian that just lives in the US. Lol

I do have to go back to PT on Friday. The cane does help me feel a bit more confident about walking but, being the paranoid person I am, I don’t like not being able to look around or behind me. Maybe I should start training Sam, if she can learn to not pull, she would be fine to walk with.

I am off, to go see if I can find something that will send the HRF blog into viral status, finish up my social media marketing project and another little town in Montana.

At some point, I have about 8-10 pounds of green beans to put up and cucumbers to do something with, so I guess that means this session of therapy is over!

I need a small army of minions:)

P.S. Even though I don’t like discussing politics, I would like to say that I really don’t think we should give weapons to cannibals- just a thought. Even though I do understand the psychology behind ancient practice of ingesting part of your enemy to ‘absorb’ their strength’, I think we should be a little more civilized by now.

Pleasant Surprises

Yesterday was full of pleasant surprises. ¬†We had our first meeting with Sam’s new dog trainer. ¬†When I initially spoke to her, I was a little put off because she sounded so young! ¬†Not to be an age snob, but I was wondering how much experience could she have? ¬†Will she even know how to deal with Sam’s more delicate issues? ¬†Well, when she showed up, she was indeed pretty young, but then I am starting to get to an age where I think everyone under 37 is young:) This is where the first surprise of the day happened. ¬†

When she came in the house, Sam actually growled. ¬†Not her normal, I don’t like this person growl. But more of an, oh no, I think this person means business, sort of growl. ¬†lol perfect! ¬†This is a reaction I can live with. ¬†Sam eventually settled down and we started talking. ¬†The first thing that impressed me was how calm she was. ¬†Not a shy quiet sort of calm, but a confident, poised, all¬†together calm. ¬†It was very reassuring, because to be quite honest, I was feeling pretty much like an idiot because I can’t figure out how to make Sam do what I want her to do. ¬†She was full of suggestions on how I can start to deal with Sam’s separation anxiety now. ¬†

But, I think the thing that I was most impressed with, was she said that the behaviors can be changed, but it will take time, consistency and it won’t be easy. ¬†Good, at least now I am more than convinced she isn’t just someone looking to take advantage. ¬†Next, we went out to take Sam for a little walk. ¬†She showed me how to teach her not to pull when we walk. ¬†One little step at a time. ¬†But what she showed me really works. ¬†It will take a while, but hey I have time. ¬†I did feel like an idiot though, because it was really simple and I probably should have figured it out on my own. ¬†But, I didn’t so I get the stupid people award for the day:) So, she is hired and we will probably start Tuesday. So that is that on Ms. Sam. ¬†

Moving Right along.  Bill comes home for good (hopefully) Friday!  Yay!  The weather looks like it will cooperate, so maybe we can have a productive weekend and the outside of house will be finished before winter sets in.  

No, that wasn’t one of the surprises ūüôā The next surprise I discovered in my inbox. ¬†It seems that an article I submitted a few weeks ago, then promptly forgot about, was accepted. ¬†Yeah Money! ¬†There was also an offer to submit another. ¬†I also had another email inquiring about a teaching gig online. ¬†Hmmmm, I’ll have to check that one out. ¬†I have quite a lot on my plate as it is, but if I could find something that pays as well as me actually leaving the house to work, I think that is what I would rather do. ¬†It would be tons more simple to be here, than to have to juggle schedules and transportation. ¬†So, I will see where that goes. ¬† ¬†

I still have not scheduled the X-ray. ¬† I know very bad, but I must have another adult with me to watch the boys. ¬†And I still don’t know for sure what time Bill will be home Friday. ¬†So that still sits on my To Do list.

 It is Rosh Hashanah!  So Happy Jewish New Year!  But, technically not till sundown.

¬†L’shana Tova / Ketivah vi-chatima Tova.”¬†This means: “For a good year / You should be written and sealed in the good (Book of Life).” ¬†

That’s all for now Folks:)