Another Snow Day!

Another Snow Day!

Yay Me!  Another Snow day!  Actually, I do really like the snow.  What I don’t care for is the fighting and arguing that go with it, when we are all stuck in the house together.  Oh Well, I suppose it could be worse.  I do have an out.  I can always fight my way through the snow and go next door and beg for coffee and a knitting lesson, if it gets really bad:)  

I have had a pretty busy morning already.  I submitted a proprosal for a freelance job that involves writing 150 articles, yesterday and this morning I had a response.  The employer asked if I had any samples of articles that were ‘religious’ in nature.  They don’t usually post exactly what you will be writing in the listings.  After I stopped laughing, I told him, that I was sure I could find a few to send him.  It did take me a while to find something that was relatively simple and not too involved.  I settled on one about the Etruscans, but that one is very long.  So, I just sent him about 2 pages worth and offered to send something else if he wanted.  I just think it is so funny, that he asked if I had anything on religion.  Someone must not have read my profile or even looked at my portfolio.  I think I would really enjoy this particular job if I get it.  I certainly did not have the lowest bid or the highest.  So, I guess it comes down to if he likes how I write or note.   Don’t worry, I don’t write articles the same way I blog.  I actually use things like grammar and spellcheck:)  Here I just type.

I did finish my finish the other contract.  It took about 25 minutes.  Which really works out will for me since I was billing her $20/hr.  There is a 2 hour minimum on the site, so that they can get their fee.  So, all total I ended up making $18.25 an hour for that, which I think was not to shabby:)  I didn’t have to pay a sitter or walk through the snow to get to work:)  I am liking this gig.  I am getting several ‘invitations’ to bid a day, which is good, because now I can pick and choose.  Having some recommendations on there helps too.  An Invitation to bid, is just were a company or person, sees your profile and contacts to see if you want to work for them.

Anyway, on to other news.

Wait, I don’t think I have any.  I guess that means I need to go back to work on the laundry:)  the dryer is fixed, sort of.  The timed dry works but the energy saving setting doesn’t seem to.  The dishwasher started smoking last night, but I am pretty sure I know the reason why.  Bill, was being nice and he loaded and started the dishwasher for me.  He changed the settings to normal wash and Hi-temp dry.  Drying was when it started smoking.  The dishwasher guy who came out after we first got it, told me that because our water is so hard, just to leave it on high-temp wash and not to use the hi-temp dry. Because the build-up that occurs can cause issues if the hi-temp dry is used.  I guess he was right.  The boys know not to change the settings, but I guess Bill forgot.  Like I said he doesn’t run the dishwasher very often.  I do have stuff to clean it with, so I don’t imagine much harm was done:)  and it was sweet that he thought to turn it on:)  After he spent the day fixing the dryer and mudding the laundry room/bathroom.

See ya.

Thunder Snow!

First off, we seriously need the moisture this storm is bringing.  However, I hate that Bill has to work.  Just about every school in the Midwest is closed.  It just started to snow about 7 am  and by 7:45 am everything is already covered and it had become very hard to see.  Bill has, normally, about a 40-45 minute drive north to get to work.  The road is not a major highway and one of the last to get plowed.  That’s the one he takes.  Hopefully, there won’t be much traffic this morning.  But, to be really honest, I don’t expect him home tonight.  I don’t see that the roads will be cleared by the time he gets off work, which could be between 11 pm and 3 am (yeah, I know he just left, he has to be in this morning at 9 am).  With that in mind, I made him a huge lunch/dinner:)

Yesterday, I made bread.  The boys ate 1/2 the loaf, which was fine, I make really good bread.  Bill found it when he came home last night, so he ate more of it, lol.  Anyway,  I sliced the rest of that up & buttered it, with real butter, for him to take today.  I also put in  gumbo, an orange, can of mackerel, can of Kipper, can of some Gouda Bisque soup, chicken breast & pepper jack sandwich, Pastrami & Swiss sandwich, 2 packets of oatmeal, 1 bag of popcorn, an orange and a peanut butter chocolate bar.  Oh NO, I just realized I didn’t get him anything to drink!  Well, it is a grocery warehouse, surely they have drinks.  I also made him take an emergency blanket, gloves, mask and his heavy boots.   I guess now I just have to wait.  I won’t panic until 9 am.  This is one of those rare times, when I actually think I should have a cell phone.  If  we lose power, and they are predicting we will,  I lose my phones too.  We have VOIP,  Vonage specifically and I normally love it because I can call  my brother in Germany whenever I want and talk for hours for free.  Worse case today, I guess, I could wander next door.  I am so lucky to have a good friend that lives next door & she has a cell phone:)  Maybe if we lose power, we can get together and see what kind of feast we can come up with that doesn’t need cooked!  I have veggies:)

Now television reception is spotty.  We don’t have cable or satellite, I think it’s a waste of money.  No one should watch that much tv.  Read a book.  Do something constructive.  So, we have whatever stations that come in through the antenna.  We do have Netflix, which I love.  So I am not completely anti-entertainment.

On to other news.  This Diet is Terrible!!!!!!  I am hungry and cranky and I want chocolate!   Today, I was supposed to go see my doctor.  Unless, I take the sled to his office, I don’t think I’ll be seeing him today.  I could get there, just not back up the hill lol.  But, as miserable as I am, I suppose it will be worth it if it fixes everything.  One the plus side, I am losing weight really quickly.  So, now nothing fits.  Which I guess is sort of okay, since I did gain weight the first time I quit smoking.  But, I don’t think I should lose anymore.  I like the jeans I have.  Still not smoking, no nicotine at all.  Wow, I just realized it’s been almost 2 months now!

Okay, I am done rambling 🙂  If you are out & about today in this mess, be safe!