Will the Roofer’s Show? Mammogram Results, True Blood

Ah, Monday.  The weather is clear, not to cool, and it’s not raining. The next rain chance, according the weather people, isn’t until Wednesday night.  So, Will they chance it?  Ideally, they want 4 clear days to tear off the roof and get the new one built.  I think with a bigger crew and some enthusiasm, they could bang it out in three.  But, that’s just me.  What do I know.  The carpenters should be off of their job and back on mine Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  I hope so, the house looks pretty stupid with missing fascia & crown molding.  Besides, I am getting tired of guarding all these materials. 

WooHoooo,  Update, they just called and they are going to go for it!!!!  Yay!!! I am soo happy.  Bill will be too, when he gets home. Which should be anytime this morning before Noon.  He covered for a guy at work, so he went in last night at 8pm.  He has to be back at work by 4 pm today, so between the banging and boys I don’t think he’ll get a lot of sleep.  By banging, I was referring to the roofers, making noise. Just to be clear.

Moving Right along.

I was really bad about posting this weekend, I didn’t.  Because well, some thoughts you should just keep to yourself.  I did however sit down Friday night, after 2 glasses of a very nice Moseland wine and really shared.  That isn’t a post that will ever be published, but I felt a little better.  Besides, blogging while drinking, probably isn’t a really bright idea.  That little thing most people have that censors what comes out of your mouth, is defective in me and doesn’t work at all if I drink.  I usually try just to be quiet, but, for me that’s next to impossible anytime.  I’ve been told I also talk in my sleep lol.

So, what prompted my little pity party rant?  The 2nd mammogram.  I went in Friday at 9 am.  The tech compressed, I tried not to squeal like a stuck pig.  Then she spoke with the radiologist, who then decided an ultrasound was in order.  Fine, that’s no big deal, but I think that now leave about 6 people in town that haven’t seen my boobs.  It’s a small town.  The ultrasound really wasn’t a big deal and I was fine.  Bruised, but fine.  Untill the ultrasound tech left to go consult with the radiologist.  She left the light off.  I am not afraid of the dark, but I think laying there half-dressed in the pitch dark room, just me and the ultrasound machine, was a bit tramatic.  Being complete along with my own thoughts, isn’t something that happens all that often.  I usually have something else I have to focus on as well.  I take multi-tasking to new levels:)  So, there I was, and it didn’t take long for full on panic to set in.  Now, I should have kept in mind, that everyone in a hospital, usually takes their sweet time, when doing routine things.  But, I didn’t.  I wanted to know what was so interesting that everyone had to consult someone every 15 minutes.  Those little consultations seemed to take hours.  It was probably only about 20-30 minutes.  Eventually, she came back and told me that the findings would be sent to my doctor either that afternoon or no later than Monday.  Monday!?!?!?!?! I have to wait till Monday?  I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a control freak, it was going to be a very long weekend.  Of course, since I am little Miss Impatient, I called the doctor’s office about 2pm.  Of course, they didn’t have the results.  I’ll call back in about 43 minutes when they open this morning.  Not like I’m watching the clock or anything.

So, I haven’t slept.  I’m very cranky and stressed.  Me Stressed out is not a good thing.  I have a lot of wine, but when I get stressed out, I know better than to start drinking.  I had those 2 glasses Friday and it didn’t help.  It is pretty funny that since last August, when I started having that pain that led to all the surgeries, Wine seems to last a lot longer than it did before.  Which is probably a good thing:)

I am now officially on book 8 of the Sookie Stackhouse series.  Book 7, sort of irritated me.  I mean come on already Sookie.  Obviously you have a thing for the dead viking (but then who wouldn’t) so ditch the critters and get busy with him:).  Go to work full-time for the vamps & make some money.  Maybe learn to garden in your spare time:)

So far, Book 8 is going a little better, but I am only on page 75 or so.  I’ll keep you posted.  But over all, it’s an awesome series and tons of fun.  I finally got another series in at the library, which I picked up Saturday.  It by R.A. Salvatore & his son.  I will of course let you know what I think of that. 

So, that is that.  Got to talk to my brother in Germany, yesterday, which is always really great.  It always puts me in a good mood, or at least in a better one:)

True Blood, Ants, To Roof or Not to Roof

True Blood, Ants, To Roof or Not to Roof

So,  my sister-in-law got the whole True Blood book series.  She got a bit distracted by another book about 1 chapter into the first book, so I was lucky enough to get to borrow them.  Normally, I really don’t read  Vampire books.  But back in January I had a hysterectomy and needed something to keep me occupied while I was spending all my time in bed.  I chose The Firefly series and  True Blood seasons 1 & 2.  Mostly because I didn’t think either one would require much thinking.  I had seem a couple of the Firefly episodes before it was cancelled and loved it.  I loved watching all of the episodes and the movie even more.

Now on to True Blood.  I had never even heard of it or the books.  Not my normal genre.  But, when I was getting ready for the surgery I looked up several Sci-Fi movies/series, to see what people liked.  They were both pretty high up on the lists.  So that’s what I got.

I went through the first 2 seasons in about 4 days.  Outstanding.  First, off the music was just perfect.  I had a bit of a hard time though with Sookie wanting to be with Bill and not Eric.  I don’t think I really have to explain that, but I will anyway.  Bill is alright.  But Eric, is, well, he’s Eric.  If you haven’t seen Eric and don’t know what I am talking about it.  I highly suggest you look him up.  I don’t have the words to describe Eric.  OMG, Yummy, Damn and Damn Skippy, come to mind, but I really couldn’t do him justice if I wanted to.  But, as my friend T would say, ” I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers”.  I really don’t know how he is as a person. But, his character is awesome. 

So anyway, I started book 1 of the series Sunday about 7pm.  Finished it Monday around noon.  I am now just about done with book 4.  I didn’t know how I would feel about books, since I had watched the series.  I thought I would have to just sort of bear with it, till I got to material that was new to me.  The books and the TV series, are just enough alike, to make it comfortable. But, they have enough differences to keep me interested.  I am normally one of those people who will always prefer to read the books instead of watching the show, and normally wouldn’t watch the show until I had read the books.  But, I am pleasantly pleased.  While there are significant differences  between the shows and the books, I am still hooked.  I am so loving this 4th book.  Its about time Sookie got busy with Eric, even if it’s not the Eric I know and love:)

Alrighty then, next subject.  Ants.

I really don’t have anything against ants.  I like them well enough, they are interesting.  But, being the weirdo I am, I prefer that they stay outside.  You know its summer or close to it and about to storm, when ants start invading my house.  Yesterday, about 10 am the boys discovered them marching in through the living room window.  I have a fan stuck in the window and they were just climbing right on in.  Lucky for me, I have 2 very curious boys, who decided the ants wanted to be their new pets.  After a couple of hours of them trying to play with, and cuddle the ants, the population was diminished enough, that the other ants stopped trying to come in. 

Supposedly the roofers are going to start the tear off today.  We’ll see.  I’ve heard that before.  There was a 50 % chance of rain yesterday, so they didn’t show.  It really didn’t start raining till evening.  There is a 50% chance today and another chance for tomorrow.  I have no idea if they will show or not.  Their materials are getting soaked.  Next week looks pretty good so far, but I am convinced that the weather people really dont’ have a clue, what the weather is going to be like until it happens. 

I did get to do some checking to see how the plants did.  The tiger lilies didn’t do so well with the carpenters.  They took quite a beating and I doubt if the will grow anymore or bloom this season.  The yarrow is starting to flower.  My Sweet Williams are coming up.  My spinach, lettuce & Mustard are really doing great.  The peas are coming up and finally so are the green & yellow beans.  Chives, basil & cilanto have all sprouted.  My Irises have started to bloom, and the wind last night didn’t knock the blooms off!  It may have something to do with me going out before the storm hit and taking pictures of the blooms.  I figured that I should take a few pictures because the wind would strip the blooms off.  It is occasionally nice to be wrong:)

WooHoo, Chris, contractor extradinare just called with an update.  It seems that they will be making an appearance this afternoon, possibly. Rain chances are down to 40%.  Which he may decide to chance.  From my knowledge of rain and this particular area, 40% means it, most likely will rain.  But, I’m not the person who will have to be on the roof or the person who will have to deal with making sure no water gets in my house if they do decide to start tearing off.

Tomorrow am I am back to the hospital to get squished again.  The tech that is going to do it says that I will probably hate her.  This time she said, she can pretty much guarantee its gonna hurt.  Geez, that really makes me want to go.  Call me old fashioned, but if someone is going to feel me up, I would at least like a couple of drinks, maybe some snacks.  Since its just a feeling up, I don’t really feel entitled to a full on dinner, but something would be nice:)

Well, I am out of here.  Need to check out the library account to see if they have anything good waiting for me.  At least I know that the True Blood HBO series is on their ‘to Buy’  list so I will get to see the rest of the seasons, eventually.  Its pretty hard to get any new series on DVD, when they first buy it, because I am not the only person who wants to watch.  I wish they had a waiting list I could get on before they buy the series:)

Anyway, I am out of here.  Off to do the laundry and some cleaning.  At least its not hot today:)