Just Say No

Oh, I tried to write about the whole Syria thing and 3 pages into a rant, I decided that it really isn’t necessary.

I don’t think the US going into or firing upon Syria will make any sort of difference.

I don’t really think we should support someone who eats people. If you didn’t see the video the rebel leader posted of himself taking a big ‘ol bite out of the heart and liver of a dead soldier You can see it here REBEL

but please be aware- this is not make believe this is very real and very graphic.

I am not sure how we can stop anyone from using chemical weapons-But I am fairly sure that putting weapons in the hands of a wack job is not the way.

Call your congressman. You can find the contact information for your states reps here US House of Representatives.

You can also read the constitution here- in its entirety and I highly suggest if the last time you did was in high school, you need to read it again. Constitution of The United States.

We are the ones who are supposed to be in charge.